Breakthrough Analytics Solution Wins Silver at Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards

State-of-the-art Learning Analytics and Reporting solution Zoola Analytics from Lambda Solutions clinched the award for Best Advance in Learning Management Measurement/Business Impact Tools on December 6th, 2018.

Vancouver, Canada, December 15, 2018 --( Zoola Analytics was recognized for letting organizations quantify their learning and training process to measure effectiveness, identify training gaps, and improve the ROI of their learning initiatives.

Calling Zoola Analytics a breakthrough in data reporting is an understatement. Never before has such powerful automation technology been consolidated into a single platform. This allows for the complete quantification of qualitative learning experiences, as well as the identification and assessment of the factors that influence the training process both inside and outside the classroom through interactive and intuitive data visualization.

“The world is more and more data-driven – Education is no exception,” said CEO of Lambda Solutions, Shevy Levy. “Advanced Analytics has emerged as a critical component of the modern Learning Environment in recent years. As organizations rush to take advantage of new capabilities, stakeholders need a platform they can depend on, and Learning departments and their users rely on tools that simplify their workflows while empowering them to ask deeper questions.

“Advanced analytics is an integral part of Zoola’s mission to help organizations visualize and understand their Learning data.”

Zoola Analytics allows for the elimination of two of the biggest challenges in the industry. The first is being able to accurately measure learning effectiveness, which Zoola Analytics solves by analyzing data to demonstrate where learners are spending their time, what resources they are (and are not) engaging with, along with when and where learning occurs.

This leads to the second challenge: being able to identify how to optimize the learning process without relying on a trial-and-error approach. Zoola Analytics overcomes this by generating reports that, for the first time, let organizations easily identify trouble areas and learning gaps while taking into account both the internal and external factors that influence results. This allows for precise optimization to improve the learning experience, drive more learner engagement, and achieve better results from learning and development initiatives.

This cutting-edge technology has three major benefits for any organization. It enables a huge cost reduction for learning programs by automating complex reporting activities that would take hours per week to complete. Zoola Analytics also provides concrete data to prove the return on investment of an organization’s training programs without having to invest any additional working hours. Finally, the ability to measure and improve learning effectiveness will consequently drive topline revenue growth thanks to unprecedented quantitative analytical insights.

Zoola Analytics reveals key performance insights buried within the data and can automatically share them with key decision-makers using engaging dashboards, reports, and interactive data visualizations. The results are reduced dropout rates, increased learner performance, improved curriculum design based on concrete knowledge of which assets are effective and which ones are not, and increase revenue from selling more course seats.

In short, Zoola Analytics leads to a higher quality and more effective learning experience.

About Zoola Analytics (Powered by Lambda Solutions)
Zoola Analytics is the market-leading solution built to extend and enhance the reporting and analytics capabilities of Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Moodle, Totara Learn and xAPI learning systems. We’re different because we’re data-driven. Our cloud-based technology provides secure access to all LMS data and empowers users to slice and dice data quickly, and create actionable reports and customized dashboards on the fly. Zoola Analytics is backed by Lambda Solutions’ decades of expertise in the Learning Management space.

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