Cognia Law Joins the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

London, United Kingdom, December 15, 2018 --( Cognia Law joins the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium to be part of the current dialogue surrounding the new technology and help shape the future that it will bring to the legal industry. As part of its commitment to recognising new ways of working and supporting clients with delivering higher-value work, the law company looks to remain at the forefront of the latest emerging technology-based disruptors and understand practical examples of its use.

Cognia Law’s Head of Legal Consulting, Tyson Ballard, will also be speaking at Pause Fest, Australia’s leading technology and creativity event in February 2019. He will be sharing knowledge on the concept of Blockchain and its potential benefits for the legal industry.

Cognia Law Consulting works with global corporates and law firms to modernise their legal operations and increase the value that they can give back to the business by utilising robust, technology-enabled solutions. With innovation as one of its key drivers, Cognia Law helps clients gain time and cost efficiencies by optimising their operations through the following ways;
· redesign and successful integration of all component parts of in-house legal operations and law firm deliver models optimally leveraging the service offerings of law firms, law companies and legal tech to create the law department of the future;
· providing greater visibility and understanding of legal spend;
· benchmarking operations using industry standards;
· improving control of workflows to create work output of consistently high quality;
· increasing the efficiency of the legal function;
· getting clearer insight into contracts to make better informed business decisions;
· removing the hype from legal tech and;
· enhancing the value of technology investments and use of AI.

Cognia’s Founder and CEO, Janet Taylor-Hall, is a renowned legal efficiency strategist and shares, “It is important to understand the changes that Blockchain will bring to the legal industry and make sure that Cognia Law grows and adapts to these changes as they come. At Cognia, we currently work closely with key technology partners to translate the value that they bring, onwards to our clients through various projects that include large scale contract analysis, re-papering, matter management and workflow optimisation. Similarly, as the potential of Blockchain’s starts to be effectively harnessed for the legal function, Cognia will look into adapting its benefits for our clients.”

Cognia Law Profile:
Cognia Law provides tailored Consulting, Managed Legal Services and Resourcing solutions from its global delivery centres.
Clients benefit from Cognia Law’s capabilities, as follows:
· investment in its quality talent;
· ability to be agile and offer scalable solutions;
· near and offshore delivery capacity; and
· proven collaborations with their best-of-breed technology partners and other legal service partners.

The Cognia team believes in challenging the existing status quo and current “best practices” in favour of an even higher value-adding client experience. Integrity, consistency and performance frame their philosophy.

For more information about Cognia Law’s innovative range of services, visit or follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter.

Global Legal Blockchain Consortium Profile:
The GLBC comprised of approximately 160 large companies, major law firms, software companies, and universities that have joined together to develop standards to govern the use of blockchain technology in the business of law. The consortium focuses on a range of issues, including data integrity, authenticity, security, and privacy for contracts and documents, interoperability between corporate legal departments and law firms, and productivity improvements in the operation of legal departments and law firms. For more information about the GLBC, visit
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