ContCentric Kicks Off Project in Alfresco Application Development Framework

ContCentric, a renowned Alfresco development company, has initiated a project based on the latest Alfresco ADF. The company is one of the few Alfresco service providers globally who is working on ADF.

Delmar, DE, December 22, 2018 --( The concept of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) gains ground worldwide thanks to the growing competition and changing business needs. Technology also advances to offer digital business platforms to companies integrating ECM in their system. One such modern platform is Alfresco. It is known for its robustness, reliability, and rapid content management.

Recently, Alfresco introduced a new framework named the Application Development Framework (ADF) to build engaging and interactive ECM solutions. It has a rich set of reusable UI components and JavaScript APIs to create attractive and responsive web apps. However, it seems that Alfresco System Integrators are rather slow in adopting Angular-based ADF. Very few Alfresco service providers have started using Alfresco ADF worldwide, and ContCentric is one of them.

The company's spokesperson has announced that a team of developers at ContCentric works on Alfresco ADF for developing customized solutions for a service sector-based client. The spokesperson shared her thoughts in these words: “As a leading Alfresco development company, ContCentric has set many milestones within the short time of its inception. Right now, our team of developers works on the latest Alfresco ADF for one of our clients. It shows our inherent capability of embracing the technological advancements in Alfresco.”

The spokesperson also mentioned a few noteworthy benefits of Alfresco ADF as
- It can meet business needs rapidly through a quick development process
- It can reduce time to market (TTM) with 150+ reusable components, and highly automated testing
- It can offer an extraordinary user experience
- It can connect people with business by combining content and process

The delivery head at ContCentric Mr. Bhushan Kothari revealed his thoughts regarding the company's future plans and benefits of adopting Alfresco ADF in these words:

“To consider ContCentric as an Alfresco services provider is an understatement. We are end-to-end Alfresco technology partner for global enterprises. We have assisted companies in leveraging the benefits of Alfresco platform across different industry sectors. The Angular-based Alfresco ADF can offer engaging UI and a pleasant UX in enterprise-grade web apps. Our Alfresco developers got training in Angular to make the most of Alfresco ADF. As the first version of ADF was launched in 2017, we had built prototypes on the basis of it and kick-started a mid-size project on the basis of Alfresco ADF.”

Mr. Bhushan also added, “At ContCentric, we wish to contribute the subtle knowledge and share our experience as one of the pioneers in ADF development with a thriving Alfresco community. We are looking forward to migrating the users of existing Alfresco 5.0 or lower editions to ADF. I am sure that switch to ADF will give our enterprise clients an elevated experience.”

ContCentric has a team of dedicated and enthusiastic developers who are well-versed in integrating Alfresco-based advancements in high-end ECM solutions. The company is set to meet the diverse content and data-related requirements of startups, MNCs, and large companies alike with the client-centric approach and time-tested methodology.

You can visit the company’s website to know more about its services and portfolio.
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