ActivityTracker (the App), Track All-Day Activity on Android and iPhone

Bits&Coffee has released ActivityTracker for Android. The app empowers users to quantify their daily activity without wearing a fitness gadget and without draining their phone's battery. The app is already available on iPhone and Apple Watch since June 2015 and has more than 100k monthly active users with a 4.7 rating.

New York, NY, December 22, 2018 --( There are many fitness gadgets that track daily activity as steps taken, the only problem is that users need to wear those gadgets all the time and not forget to charge them. Yet, most people already carry a multifunctional device, perfectly capable of quantifying their daily activity: their Android or iPhone smartphone.

Many activity tracker apps (like Facebook's now defunct Move app) use the GPS for tracking, which gives accurate results but quickly drains the already short-lived smartphone battery. Thanks to the motion processors available in all modern devices, ActivityTracker can track all-day activity without using the GPS, and as a result without draining the battery.

ActivityTracker will keep track of steps taken, distance walked, active calorie burn, active time, and flights of stairs climbed effortlessly, when the users have a smartphone with them. The app offers accurate measurements by taking into account the users' gender, weight, and height.

ActivityTracker motivates users to be more active through self quantification, gamification, and color coded progress. Since no day is like the other, the app helps users be more active by setting a weekly target for steps taken, that will be broken into daily goals for a day-by-day overview.

The app is designed with great attention to details. In the main view, an overview of today and the current week can be seen, with a big animated wheel indicating the day's progress. The app offers accurate statistics, from a fine grained hour-by-hour breakdown to an overview of the monthly activity.


ActivityTracker is a fully-functional free app. It also has a Pro version with advanced features locked under a single in-app purchase (US$2.99). This is an Android, iPhone, and Apple Watch app that runs on the latest devices.
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