Fabiano de Abreu Has One of the Highest IQ's in the World

Philosopher Fabiano de Abreu is now approved as a member of the Mensa, a club of world geniuses, with a high IQ score. Fabiano is also an agent and publicist of some celebrities in the US, with a branch in New York of his agency, MF Press Global

New York, NY, December 29, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Fabiano de Abreu is a philosopher, journalist, publicist, poet and researcher. And now, besides all his skills, he was approved as a member by Mensa, the world's largest and most famous IQ (Intelligence Quotient) society. Specialists of that institution say that Fabiano de Abreu is in an above-gifted category, according to his IQ score.

If we compare his score globally, we’ll find singers like Madonna and Shakira, that have both IQ 140, and the multi-billionaire Bill Gates, IQ 152. Steve Jobs and Einstein had both IQ 160. These numbers place Fabiano de Abreu in a strict group of people, in a global context.

Founded in the United Kingdom in 1946, Mensa has only 134,000 members in 100 countries. Its members correspond only to the so-called 2% of the world population, with an IQ above 140. Among the members of this exclusive club, academic level is not what determines intelligence. They may be either multiple doctoral graduates or maybe some of them have never finished high school: a diploma is not a prerequisite. The list of professions is diverse: teachers, truck drivers, scientists, firemen, programmers, farmers, artists, military, musicians, police officers, etc.

Fabiano went to São Paulo to look for the neuropsychologist Cristiane Costa Cruz, who is a member of Mensa and an expert in intelligence testing, for doing a wide-ranging test of several types of intelligence, such as verbal reasoning skills and others: "I also did the exam for Mensa, the association of the biggest IQs in the world, and then I received their confirmation as a high IQ person, and then I became part of the Mensa international. What does this change in my life? Besides answering several questions that I always had wondered until now, it gave me the chance to obtain a scholarship from renowned universities in the world, to attend to the anthropology college. Now, I’ve been intending to enroll myself in so many courses."

Fabiano is not only a high IQ person, but a very creative man, known as a creator of celebrities. He is known by some American artists, as a manager and publicist. His PR company, MF Press Global, has a branch in New York, and works with some celebrities in the United States as Cris Cyborg (MMA wrestler), Sue Lasmar (“The Most Perfect Body of the United States”), Gabi Castrovinci (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) and Luciane Serifovic (Luxury Real Estate Broker and Diva Fitness WBFF).
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