Dr. Theivasanthi Released Innovative Agricultural Nano-Biofertilizer Analyses

Dr. T. Theivasanthi releases new analyses about agricultural nano-biofertilizers. Also, she explains about the definition for nano-biofertilizers and techniques to make nano-biofertilizers without adverse effects.

London, United Kingdom, December 31, 2018 --(PR.com)-- World Record holder in Nanotechnology and International Top Reviewer Award Winner, Dr. T. Theivasanthi of International Research Center, Kalasalingam University (India) has studied nano-biofertilizers. She has released new analyses and insights on this matter in an article: Advances and Trends in Nano-biofertilizers (https://papers.ssrn.com/abstract=3306998). Dr. Theivasanthi stated that at present, literature has no obvious definition and explanation on nano-biofertilizers. This work has made an attempt to explain the derivation / definition of the nano-biofertilizers. It suggests techniques to make nano-biofertilizers without nano-toxicity. Such fertilizers will dominate modern agriculture in the coming era. Releasing these new thoughts which are beneficial to society, particularly during the 2019 new-year festive occasion, makes Dr. T. Theivasanthi happy. It is a remarkable benchmark in her research and makes her scientific contribution first class. It is her pride.

Dr. Theivasanthi said that nano-biofertilizers are nano-sized biomaterials. They are prepared for biological (agriculture) uses to supply nutrients. They act like bio-fertilizer and fulfil the requirements of primary macronutrients. Emerging technology and agro-chemicals like agri-nanotechnology and nano-biofertilizers will dominate agriculture modernization. She has arrived at this conclusion about nano-biofertilizers after seven years of research.

Further, she said that the unique properties of nanomaterials can be seen only in between the nano-size range i.e. 1 – 100 nm. Sometimes, the unique properties may lead to untoward reactions or consequences, nano-toxicity, complications, toxic consequences and adverse impact. In such cases, to overcome such unwanted properties, sub-micron sized materials (above 100 nm size) can be utilized as alternative to nanomaterials. Sub-micron sized materials can be applied in plants or agriculture applications (as pesticides, biofertilizers and fertilizers materials) like other conventional materials without any hesitations. They have high surface area close to the nanomaterials which improve the activities of agro-chemicals.

Sub-micron sized materials are already used in the construction related applications. As per the EU commission suggestion, the nanoparticles proportion of the nanomaterials can be minimized depending on the requirements of environment, health, safety or competitiveness. Nano sized hybrid fertilizer (nano sized inorganic salt and nano sized organic matters) will give better crop yields with balanced nutrients. Such yields will also support for the good health of humans and animals. A lower proportion mixing of nano sized hybrid combination in the conventional fertilizers will reduce or avoid the untoward effects of nanomaterials.

Recently, the Bangladesh government has approved The National Agriculture Policy 2018 to incorporate and utilize nanotechnology in the agricultural sector to boost production. Dr. T. Theivasanthi adds that every scientific research must contribute some benefits to society. Based on this concept, she is doing nano biofertilizers research for the benefit of society.

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