The International Association of Who’s Who Has Named Mary Titus as Professional of the Year

Mary Titus of Laguna Beach, California is recognized by the International Assoc. of Who’s Who for exemplary achievements in the field of Healthcare.

Laguna Beach, CA, January 02, 2019 --( Having amassed over forty years’ experience in healthcare, Mary has had an illustrious career covering a variety of roles and achievements.

Having attended Palm Beach Atlantic College where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Ms. Mary Titus has continued to be a high achiever outside of education. Mary has membership to numerous professional bodies in order to further hone her industry awareness, for instance she is an active member of the National Association of Professional Women. She is also board certified in Hypnosis, Coaching, NLP and TLT, all of which contribute to Mary’s respected reputation in Healthcare.

Her most recent role has been at St. Joseph Home Health as Director of Home Health & CNO. Since its founding in 1988 St. Joseph Home Health has experienced tremendous growth thus building an esteemed reputation for its medical offering, medical technology and talented workforce. St. Joseph Home Health specializes in the following areas of healthcare: hospice, palliative home care, infusion pharmacy, home health and nurse next door. In addition, the organization offers support bereavement services helping anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, they can help with soft skill workshops or office face to face counseling sessions or via the telephone. St. Joseph Home Health prides themselves on their compassionate and experienced workforce and consequently have a thorough and tough recruitment process to guarantee only the best healthcare professionals make the grade. The establishment’s mission statement is to “embrace change to ensure quality person-focused care is rendered with responsible financial management, working together to make a difference one person at a time.” Customer service, dignity, justice and excellence is at the forefront of St. Joseph Home Health’s ethos.

Over her 40-year career, Mary has gained enviable experience and understanding of a wide range of healthcare-related issues. Given her attuned coaching and professional speaking skills, Mary has combined both facets and currently delivers engaging talks and coaching programs on aspects such as stress management in the workforce and passionate living.

Mary includes vocal awareness skills in coaching and helping clients improve on their interpersonal communication and confidence, based on her four-step strategy, which has been very successful and well-received over the years. As part of this strategy, individuals must discover their inner voice, secondly share information with others instead of just talking at them, thirdly they must take control of how they are perceived and finally master communication by paying attention to the details, such as your facial expression or vibrational qualities of your voice. Mary explains, “Each level of awareness brings greater honesty and integrity to both me and those I am interacting with. I have only begun this part of my journey, but I already notice that I sing more, I dance more, I create more, and I become more me.”

Mary has always had an enthusiastic and proactive attitude and always likes to keep herself busy and her mind stimulated. Outside of work, Mary leads an extremely active lifestyle, with her favorite past times being travelling, hiking and walking on the beach with her dogs.

Looking to the future, Mary hopes to continue to build on her coaching and public speaking activities, as she loves using her expertise to help people to become happier and healthier both at work and in their everyday lives.
International Association of Who's Who
Jacob Ryder