Digested Organics Wins Grant for Innovation

Ultrafiltration system removes phosphorous from manure, wins Vermont Phosphorous Innovation Challenge (VPIC).

Farmington Hills, MI, January 04, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Digested Organics has been awarded a $45,000 grant to deploy its stainless steel ultrafiltration system at several Vermont dairy farms to demonstrate its ability to remove phosphorous, suspended solids, and pathogens from liquid manure. This grant is part of a statewide initiative called the Vermont Phosphorous Innovation Challenge (VPIC).

Digested Organics has an exclusive and robust ultrafiltration technology that utilizes porous stainless steel tubes to filter liquids such as manure. The filter elements are highly resistant to abrasion and can handle extremes in temperature, pressure, and pH that far surpass most other ultrafiltration technologies. The goal of the grant is to demonstrate that this ultrafiltration technology can cost-effectively remove >95% of the phosphorus, >99% of the suspended solids, and >99.9% of pathogens in liquid manure, producing a transparent liquid ideal for field application (80% of the initial manure volume) and a concentrated fertilizer that is readily transportable (20% of the initial manure volume). By concentrating nearly all of the manure phosphorus into about 20% of the initial volume, this technology allows the farm to more economically apply phosphorus on lands that are further away and typically lower in soil phosphorus, as well as transport the material to nearby compost facilities for incorporation into a stabilized and drier product.

According to Digested Organics CEO and Founder, Robert Levine, the grant money will be used in early 2019 to manufacture a customized, mobile ultrafiltration system for the project. Digested Organics engineers will operate the unit and collect performance data to be able to accurately scale-up the results for future larger projects. Samples of the raw manure, filtrate, and concentrate will also be sent to nearby laboratories for analysis.

“We are excited and honored to have won this grant from the State of Vermont,” Levine said. “When I was a student at Middlebury College, I fell in love with the beautiful landscape of Vermont and the clear waters of Lake Champlain. I believe our technology has the ability to make a real difference in watershed management in Vermont and I’m looking forward to working with groups throughout the state to make this project a success.”

To learn more, please visit: www.digestedorganics.com.

Digested Organics is a Farmington Hills, MI based engineering company which specializes in the design, manufacturing, and deployment of advanced filtration solutions for agricultural and industrial wastewater as well as food and beverage processing. Its mission is to empower businesses to Reclaim Waste™ by focusing on the conversion of organic wastes, such as manure, digestate, and food and beverage manufacturing wastewaters, into clean water, concentrated co-products, and when possible, renewable energy.
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