Dog Ear Publishing Presents Award of Literary Excellence to Book That Serves as Wakeup Call for Humanity

Dog Ear Publishing has bestowed its Award of Literary Excellence to a new book written by practicing psychologist and former professor Stan Wenck and author and philosopher Sandy Meadows. The book serves as a call for humanity to acknowledge the connections between all forms of life on Earth before it’s too late.

Indianapolis, IN, January 11, 2019 --( “Love or Die: Finding Oneness in a Me-First World” is the latest book to earn the Award of Literary Excellence from Dog Ear Publishing. Its authors, Sandy Meadows and Stan Wenck, are both grateful and pleased the message of the book – the interconnectedness of all life – has been viewed so positively.

“Our core message that everyone and everything in the universe is complete and connected was apparently deemed fundamental. Also, the idea that each of us has an inner quality of divinity inspires a personal inner radiance and hopefully for others as well,” said Wenck, a practicing clinical psychologist from Fishers, Ind., who taught psychology at Ball State University for 31 years.

Meadows of Avon, Ind., an author and philosopher who retired from Eli Lilly, said the book was honored “because of its timely universal message for healing the divisions that exist between us. It introduced a new way of seeing; it showed the reader how to overcome two false beliefs that contribute to so much of the suffering and violence in the world today and how to replace competition with cooperation, compassion and unconditional love.”

Dog Ear Publishing’s editorial team determines who receives an Award of Literary Excellence. The managing editor, editorial services manager and the publisher review recommendations, with only a small number earning the distinction.

“Love or Die is an elegant little book with a great big message – a warning that we must evolve beyond our egocentric tendencies and acknowledge our connectedness with our fellow humans, the environment, the planet,” wrote Dog Ear editor Reba Hilbert. “If we don't, we are doomed to go the way of the dinosaurs. The authors show how we can learn to move beyond our ‘me first’ tendencies in this optimistic, loving, and inspirational guide.”

Wenck described the book this way: “Love or Die is about changing thought processes – and thus behavior – from discord to divinity and love. This ‘spread of effect’ will begin with the individual and thus influence one’s families, friends, communities, regions and finally empower national, international and universal audiences.”

Meadows said they have a lofty goal for their book. “When people ask me about our expectations for the book, I tease them and tell them our goal is quite modest – we just want to save the world! In truth, we want to raise awareness to a path we can all take together that will save the world.”

She hopes it will do nothing less than “prevent a path of self-destruction leading to our extinction. To improve the quality of life on our planet. To give people essential tools for realizing their own self-worth and that of others. To help people realize that everything we do affects the Whole, because we are all interconnected and interdependent. To understand that we are collectively responsible for the fate of humanity and the health of the planet itself.”

Wenck noted that news media seem to be “replete with violence and hate. Behavior begins with our thinking processes. I earnestly hope that this book will result in loving thoughts and behavior beginning with us as individuals and thence to family and friends, communities, regions, nations, and ultimately, internationally and universally.”

Although working with another author has its challenges such as different writing styles, “I believe we succeeded in selecting topics which befitted our respective styles, experiences and expertise,” Wenck said. “My co-author, Sandy Meadows, beautifully gives voice to the concepts and emotions expressed in ‘Love or Die.’ Pursuant to her self-described ‘mystical experience’ of some years ago, she manifests a nearly boundless insight into the world of the spiritual. For these reasons, it has been a total pleasure to work with her.”

Meadows said the process “could not have gone better. Dr. Wenck’s broad expertise in the field of psychology was an ideal complement to my spiritual and philosophical perspective.”

To promote their book, the authors will host book signings at bookstores, libraries, churches, synagogues, mosques, prisons, AA 12-step meetings and “anywhere else a message of love would be well-received,” Meadows said. Wenck also plans to contact former BSU colleagues and graduate students as well as a spiritual master who gives weekly presentations to multiple small groups.

In the end, they just want to spread the word about the issues raised in their book.

“[The book’s] release gives birth to a deeper hope: that the book will one day take on a life of its own and truly make a difference in the world … and bring about a change of heart in how we lovingly connect with each other, with all of nature, and with the planet,” Meadows said. “I believe that goal is possible.”

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Love or Die: Finding Oneness in a Me-First World
Sandy Meadows and Stan Wenck
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-6713-1 118 pages $12.95 US

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