Atlanta Litigation Attorney Discusses Employment Lawsuit Litigation

An Atlanta litigation attorney at KPPB LAW released a blog post educating readers on employment lawsuit litigation.

Atlanta, GA, January 19, 2019 --( An Atlanta litigation attorney at KPPB LAW released a blog post educating readers on employment lawsuit litigation. If you believe that you may have an employment lawsuit on your hands, it's important to fully understand the process of litigating that claim to achieve the best outcome.

Certain conditions must be met for a claim to be considered a proper employment lawsuit. A suit can most easily be filed after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or a similar governmental organization makes an investigation and finds that there is reason to believe that a violation of employment law has taken place. Employment lawsuit litigation can occur in a variety of areas related to the workplace, including payday and unemployment insurance, FMLA, Title VII, sexual harassment, slander, discrimination, wrongful termination, and more.

The litigation process can be long and detailed, so it's important to handle employment lawsuits right away. First, an attorney reviews your case and, if it meets the requirements for an employment lawsuit, will file the claim to begin the formal litigation process. The defendant will be notified of the lawsuit and have the opportunity to provide their own information about the case. During the discovery phase, both parties will begin researching the law, reviewing documents, conducting interviews, and collecting information to support their case. In employment lawsuits, the next phase is mediation, in which both parties can attempt to settle the dispute outside of court. If a trial is required, attorneys can file for summary judgement. This establishes that there are no facts that can be disputed in the case, and that if the facts were brought into question, the motioning party would still win the case. If the motion is granted, the case is decided without a trial. If not, a trial date will be set, in which both parties can argue their cases in person.

Speak to an employment litigation attorney for more information about your case. Roy Banerjee is an accomplished litigation attorney with years of experience in employment and business law. He can work with both employers and employees on a variety of legal claims and is comfortable working with small businesses and large corporations alike. To speak with Roy Banerjee about your employment lawsuit litigation options, call him directly at 678-443-2225 or visit KPPB LAW is located at 990 Hammond Drive NE, Atlanta, Ga., 30328
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