AIM Elects 2019 Industry Group Chairs

Pittsburgh, PA, January 19, 2019 --( AIM, the trusted worldwide industry association for the automatic identification industry, providing unbiased information, educational resources and standards for nearly half a century, announced new leadership for the association's industry groups in 2019.

Kevin Berisso, PhD, Director of the AutoID Lab at the Herff College of Engineering - University of Memphis, will chair the Track & Trace Industry Group (T&T). The group was created to develop, educate, promote and aid in the adoption of automatic identification strategies designed to support compliance of global regulations related to product traceability.

Jackson He, PhD, Director of Software Engineering at Zebra Technologies, will lead the Technical Symbology Committee (TSC), which is comprised of AIM members who are the world’s leading experts on Symbology design. The group actively works with companies around the world to ensure global technical specifications are available to the market.

Amber Walls, Global Standards Director at GS1 US, has been selected to lead the Internet of Things Industry Group (IoT). The group, which helps to direct and influence one of the fastest growing areas of innovation in the AIDC industry, provides a forum to better understand and help shape IoT technologies that will bring better efficiency using automatic identification and data capture technology solutions.

Paul Whitney, Vice President at AsReader, Inc. will assume the Chair position for AIM’s RFID Experts Group (REG). The group is responsible for addressing global standards and issues associated with radio frequency identification (RFID). The REG is currently comprised of more than 40 organizations from the U.S., Europe and Asia.

"AIM is so pleased to have such depth in the leadership of its industry groups,” said AIM, Inc. Chief Operating Officer Mary Lou Bosco. "Each individual brings not only industry experience and incredible knowledge, but also a passion and commitment to the growth and success of the AIDC industry on an international basis. We are fortunate to have them as members and know that many significant accomplishments will be made in 2019 during their tenure.”

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C. K. Troup