New Book by Bob Musial Unlocks Secrets to 100 Year-Old Topic That Still Impacts Career Advancement Today

“Soft Skills. Hard Returns.” is available now on Amazon and Apple. A lot has been written about soft skills and their impact on success of both individuals and companies. But to learn more about the scope of those implications and the related practical application of those skills, a person would have to spend months on the internet researching how-to examples and compiling extensive reference links. Until now.

Philadelphia, PA, January 23, 2019 --( In a new ebook, “Soft Skills. Hard Returns,” author Bob Musial, principal of StreetSmart Business Development, LLC, and 40-year business development, sales, marketing and communications veteran, provides strategic “point and click” advice with practical tips on the effective and persuasive uses of interpersonal skills like communication, collaboration, analyzation, problem resolution, leadership, adaptability, and innovation encountered in everyday-business situations.

“Extensive research has been done on soft skills by organizations like Harvard, LinkedIn, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Hay Group/Korn Ferry, Bloomberg, Wonderlik, McDonalds, and others. Ironically, the Carnegie Foundation first unearthed the benefits of soft skills in 1918. Fast forward 100 years, and current studies are emphasizing the widening soft-skills gap, and the difficulty companies have finding candidates who possess them because they are not taught in most colleges,” said Musial. "So, soft skills are usually acquired independently, on the job, or at the employer's expense. While research stresses the importance of soft skills on career advancement and the impact on corporate revenue, to my knowledge, there was no single ‘How to’ resource that addressed the skills-related issues and dilemmas faced daily by most professionals, no matter what their position or tenure,” he continued.

The ebook is a collection of over 40, bite-sized, humor-laced stories with soft skills-related topics that address those everyday issues, with more than 570 practical, common-sense takeaways and clickable, topic-related reference links from lessons learned over Musial’s business development career. Lessons with outcomes that work with clients, prospects and colleagues alike with subjects like:

Words that communicate value. When to use them. How to use them. Why to use them. Three rarely-used words that will improve your business. So, you want to be a thought leader? Proven methods on becoming one. When to sit down or stand up during a presentation, understanding why, and other tips on making your presentations, and proposals memorable (in a good way). How to write client-focused proposals that will substantially improve your win rate. Understanding “Buyer’s Remorse,” and making it work for you. Effective SILO-busting techniques frequently overlooked. The impact of motorcycle Zen on customer experience. Knowing and effectively communicating what your stuff is really worth. Responding to the nine most-feared words a client or colleague can ask. How to deal with a toxic boss; keep your clients, and your job.

The easy-to-read book compiles disparate information on the subject of soft skills, and delivers it all in one place, and at one time so people who are time bankrupt can quickly absorb, and benefit from the lessons learned.

“Soft Skills. Hard Returns.” Now available on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and other platforms.

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Bob Musial, principal of StreetSmart Business Development, LLC has spent his business-development career working with companies such as General Electric, Xerox, MRM/McCann, and a wide spectrum of commercial, retail and non-profit organizations, during which time he has generated over $160 million in new and recurring revenue. He has been featured in LinkedIn/PULSE, HubSpot, CustomerThink, PresentationGuru, UpFront Business Development, Philadelphia Business Journal, Black Enterprise, the Public Relations Society of America, and MarketWatch.

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