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New “Invent-Tech Network” Blog Posts Daily Updates to Keep You Informed

New “Invent-Tech Network” Blog Posts Daily Updates to Keep You Informed
Coral Gables, FL, March 10, 2006 --( Invent-Tech, the nation’s preeminent Inventor Assistance Company, is thrilled to introduce their brand new blog, The Invent-Tech Network, featuring up to the minute reports on all the latest day to day goings on at Invent-Tech. Given the meteoric rise in popularity and viral nature of the blog website format, the company believes that The Invent-Tech Network blog will be an extremely important tool going forward for communicating with both inventors and companies seeking new products to market.

The Invent-Tech Network ( will appeal to prospective inventors and current Invent-Tech clients, manufacturers or other interested parties who can discover the latest Invent-Tech news, licensing updates, trade show buzz and much more.  Continuous updates will keep visitors informed about great new recently licensed products and the daily happenings at Invent-Tech. Invent-Tech is confident that this new forum will convey their dedication to connecting inventors with great new product ideas with the companies that seek to make and sell them.

One of the most exciting features the blog format provides is the interactivity of the comments section where visitors are able to express what they think about a given topic. With an active company response to visitors’ comments, Invent-Tech hopes to inform and provide prospective customers with an accurate peek inside Invent-Tech’s ongoing business. Additionally, Invent-Tech believes that The Invent-Tech Network blog will help sort out and dispel any misconceptions or bogus internet chatter that surround Invent-Tech’s scope of services and the invention industry in general.

Please visit to see what Invent-Tech has been doing recently and be sure to come back frequently to read the newest updates.

ABOUT INVENT-TECH: Invent-Tech, the nation’s preeminent inventor assistance firm, specializes in helping individual inventors research, document and promote their inventions. Additional information about Invent-Tech or their services may be obtained by visiting their website: or by calling toll-free (800) 940-9020.

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