Techracers Has a New Name: Deqode. Techracers Blockchain Company Rebranded to Deqode Solutions.

The blockchain company Techracers now has a new name: Deqode. The company rebranded with a new name last month.

San Francisco, CA, February 05, 2019 --( Techracers blockchain company will now be called by its new name: Deqode. The company decided to rename its operations because of ideology progression.

"When a few of us blockchain developers got together and established Techracers earlier this decade, we didn't know we would be developing so many offbeat use-cases. Having the same executives, we ideologically progressed in 2019," said Ankur Maheshwari, the director and CEO of Techracers, the company renamed as Deqode. "Hence, we needed a new identity that expressed the years of experience solving complex business challenges, delivering value-based solutions for our customers and providing high-quality digital products that we're known for."

Deqode, formerly Techracers, is known for developing unique use-cases - like LTE network sharing on blockchain, sports network on blockchain, green energy generation using blockchain technology and much more. The company has developed a knack for creating meaningful strategic partnerships with other industry leaders, end user channels and non-traditional blockchain clients that are interested in integrating blockchain into their business models. These include, among others, Howdoo, KinectHub, WPPEnergy, Fandom Sports, Patientory, Geoverse, Peculium, Monetha, Verasity and PumaPay.

According to Maheshwari, "This is a good time for enterprises to get into blockchain as a technology - and understand where it could fit in their ecosystem. When we were Techracers, we made sure that we provided the clients with value-based use-cases. As Deqode, we've expanded on that motto. For us, blockchain is a feature of all applications that will actually add value to them - and the goal is that customers won't even know there's a blockchain underneath."

Deqode is already making rounds with DQWeekly, a weekly newsletter that has a strict five-news heading format detailing the biggest news related to blockchain.
Siddharth Sharma