Girl Meets World Announces the Promotion of Sirobè Carstafhnur to Northeast Regional President

New York, NY, February 12, 2019 --( Girl Meets World, Inc., a national non-profit organization that partners with middle schools to provide teen and pre-teen girls career, leadership and skill development announces the promotion of Sirobè Carstafhnur to Northeast Regional President. In this position, Sirobè will be overseeing Northeast expansion starting with New York City at Mott Hall 2 Academy in Morningside Heights, Manhattan. Says Francesca ReDavid, Girl Meets World’s CEO, “Girls Meets World is driven to help create a world where every girl is free to pursue her dreams and fulfill her potential and Sirobè is the living embodiment of this goal. In addition, Sirobè is one of our most popular mentors, and having her heart, soul and brain overseeing the Northeast is a huge asset. Both the organization and our girls are lucky to have her.”

Says Ms. Breach, Teacher at Mott Hall 2 and Girl Meets World school liaison: “We have seen first hand the positive impact that Girl Meets World has had on our Middle School girls. We are thrilled to have them in our school.” Sirobè began her position as Girl Meets World Northeast Regional President in Q1 of 2019. Currently, Girl Meets World is also running in several locations in Texas, with plans to expand to several other areas besides NYC in 2019.

Sandia Trent, Senior Advisor and Board Member says, “Through this program, we teach girls that any career and dream is available to them, while giving them the tips and tricks to manage stress, time, networking and other skills that make reaching that dream a bit easier. Sirobè’s appointment will enable us to positively impact even more girls.”

In addition to her position at Girl Meets World, Sirobè is a full-time Architect and Urban Planner. She started her career as a project planner in Mississippi and eventually relocated to Milan, Italy for a dual education in Urban Planning and life in the city. Besides Italy, Sirobè visited, studied, and worked in France, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates. Upon her return to the states, Sirobè served her country as a civilian United States Corps of Engineers in Mississippi and in Bagram, Afghanistan.

Between professional transitions, Sirobè has always found the time to give back. Sirobè founded “A Technicolor Rerun” which she collaborated with renowned photographer Josh Haley to bring a fun-filled arts day and a goodie bags to Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital. After spending a nomadic life between Mississippi, Texas, Italy, and the Middle East, Sirobè decided to plant her feet in the Big Apple. She currently resides in Brooklyn and works for RXR Realty in Manhattan.

Girl Meets World was founded in 2011 and in all, about 700 middle school girls have moved through the year-long program since its inception. All senior and executive administration and board members volunteer their time to support the organization in addition to maintaining full time careers. For more information regarding Girl Meets World, please visit
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