Plant Extract Can Help Prevent Cancer Recurrence says the Beljanski Foundation

Rauwolfia Vomitoria, a Natural Plant Extract, Inhibits Cancer Stem Cells

New York, NY, February 08, 2019 --( New scientific research shows that a natural plant extract inhibits the cancer stem cells that cause recurrence of pancreatic cancer. This new publication entitled, Inhibition of pancreatic cancer stem cells by Rauwolfia vomitoria extract appeared in Oncology Reports and follows another recent study demonstrating that extracts of Pao pereria can also be used to prevent pancreatic cancer recurrence.

Cancer is terrifying precisely because it often comes back even after chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments. These therapies slow the cancer’s advancement so that a remission is possible and this break from cancer growth may last awhile. But the remission is not a cure as the cancer frequently returns and spreads. A small number of specialized cancer cells, called cancer stem cells (CSCs) trigger recurrence. These CSCs are resistant to chemotherapy and promote metastasis and new tumor growth. There is an urgent need for agents that specifically inhibit cancer stem cells and prevent cancer recurrence. The Rauwolfia and Pao extracts answer this need and do not induce negative side effects or toxicity.

The new publication reveals anti-pancreatic stem cell action of the Rauwolfia (Rau) extract in both cell-based and animal studies. The experiments provide critical insight in to how the extract suppresses cancer stem cells. Even more impressive, the in vivo data demonstrates that Rauwolfia counteracts the defining behavior of CSCs, their ability to promote formation and growth of new pancreatic tumors.

A scientist from Kansas University Medical Center stated that, “taken together, these data showed that Rau preferentially inhibited pancreatic cancer stem cells.” They go on to cite the potential of Rau as a novel treatment for pancreatic cancer.

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Inhibition of Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cells by Rauwolfia vomitoria extract.
R. Dong, P. Chen and Q Chen. Oncology Reports. September 2018.
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