LeakTronics Offers the Pulse Generator for Locating Underground Plumbing

Locating underground plumbing, including PVC, is made simple with the Pulse Generator acoustic pipe locator by LeakTronics.

Canoga Park, CA, February 13, 2019 --(PR.com)-- LeakTronics offers the Pulse Generator Line Locator through their contractor store page allowing users to tap into acoustic technology to find and trace plumbing lines underground, under slabs and more. The product is selling as a complete kit including listening equipment, or as an add-on for users who already own listening equipment, but want to enhance their ability to locate and trace underground plumbing lines.

LeakTronics founder Darren Merlob shares, “Conventional line location methods don’t work with PVC and plastic pipes. Plastic doesn’t carry an electrical charge, but all pipes can carry a vibration. Using our listening devices, that vibration is easy to hear underground when applied with the Pulse Generator.”

While acoustic technology isn’t new to the industry, the Pulse Generator offers an ease of use when applying the science to plumbing lines. The Pulse Generator is designed with the user in mind and allows for attaching to an outside spigot using the included stand pipe and evacuation hose. Using the Pulse Generator and stand pipe with it’s control valve allows the user to control the rate of percussion and flow of water being fed into the pipes. Users can accurately identify a pipes location when the acoustic vibration is being sent into the line for upwards of 1200 feet.

LeakTronics also offers the Pulse Generator as part of a complete package including their LT1000 Amplifier, volume adjusting headphones and Multi-Purpose Probe for listening beneath soil, aggregate, concrete and other surface layers that bury pipes for $1900. The product carries a 2 year warranty and unlimited customer service. As an add-on, users who already own listening equipment can purchase the Pulse Generator with stand pipe and evacuation hose, ready to use, for $600 with the same warranty and customer service.

Plumber John Gray of Lancaster, California says, “It’s a go-to piece of equipment for me. We have big properties here and with those big properties comes a lot of plumbing, a lot of lawns and a lot of pipe. The less I have to dig, the faster I get the job done and that alone makes the Pulse Generator a winner for me.”

LeakTronics is the global leader in leak detection equipment manufacturing, distribution and professional training. All LeakTronics non-invasive professional leak detection equipment is made in-house at their Los Angeles location and can be purchased directly through the LeakTronics website at www.leaktronics.com, or by calling 818-436-2953 to place orders or get more information.

Visit the LeakTronics website for detailed videos using the brands equipment, user manuals and training options to start or enhance your leak detection business. LeakTronics offers a regularly updated YouTube channel with beneficial video content for swimming pool, plumbing and home inspection industry professionals.
Joe Dolan