Torque Lock Post-Tension Staples: the Most Reliable Solution for Structural Crack Repairs on the Market

Torque Lock Post-Tension Staples: the Most Reliable Solution for Structural Crack Repairs on the Market

During the intricate process of swimming pool leak detection, contractors frequently encounter the challenging issue of structural cracks that cause leaks. The most effective method for repairing structural cracks in gunite and shotcrete pools is usingpost-tension Torque Lock staples. This method stands out for several reasons. - December 11, 2023

LeakTronics Launches Bulldog Marketing Group: A Specialized Agency Catering to Swimming Pool and Plumbing Businesses' Online Presence

LeakTronics Launches Bulldog Marketing Group: A Specialized Agency Catering to Swimming Pool and Plumbing Businesses' Online Presence

LeakTronics, a pioneering force in leak detection technology, is excited to announce the launch of its new subsidiary, Bulldog Marketing Group. This innovative spin-off company is dedicated to creating, developing, and hosting websites tailored specifically for swimming pool and plumbing businesses. - September 25, 2023

LeakTronics Unveils the Cutting-Edge LeakStick: a Revolutionary Solution for Leak Detection

LeakTronics Unveils the Cutting-Edge LeakStick: a Revolutionary Solution for Leak Detection

LeakTronics, a leading industry manufacturer of leak detection equipment for the pool and plumbing industries, proudly introduces the LeakStick, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize the way leaks are detected and resolved. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, this compact device combines precision and simplicity to offer an unparalleled user experience. - September 25, 2023

Leaktronics Introduces the Spot Mic for Accurate Pool and Spa Leak Detection

LeakTronics introduces new equipment for leak detection. - July 04, 2021

LeakTronics Offers the Push Mic with Sonde Technology for Precision Leak Locating

Find leaks in swimming pool return lines, trunk lines and standard pool plumbing with precision accuracy using the Push Mic by LeakTronics. - March 21, 2021

LeakTronics Increases Global Distribution in 2020

LeakTronics makes focus on overseas sales with same day shipping to 7 continents. - April 18, 2020

LeakTronics Introduces the PG-2 Pulse Generator for Precise Line Location

Find pipes and plumbing underground, PVC and metal, with the Pulse Generator from LeakTronics. - April 17, 2020

LeakTronics Offers a 1.5 Inch Pipe Camera for Plumbing and Leak Detection Professionals

LeakTronics offers a pipe camera that corners 90 degree turns in one and a half inch pipes. - April 08, 2020

Online Training for Plumbing Leak Detection

LeakTronics' online training programs equip contractors to find customer leaks in plumbing systems. - October 12, 2019

LeakTronics Offers the PG-2 for Easy Pipe Locating

Pipe locating, mapping and tracing is made easy with the Pulse Generator PG-2 by LeakTronics. - October 10, 2019

LeakTronics to Attend Piscina and Wellness Barcelona 2019

United States leak detection equipment manufacturer LeakTronics will display the latest technology in swimming pool leak detection at Piscina and Wellness Barcelona 2019. - October 08, 2019

LeakTronics Introduces the Irrigation Leak Detection Kit

LeakTronics now offers a non-invasive leak detection kit for the Irrigation, Landscape and Property Maintenance professional. - March 17, 2019

LeakTronics Rushes Leak Detection Kits to Winter Haven, Florida Customers

In an effort to support Fix-A-Leak Week, leak detection equipment manufacturer LeakTronics is getting orders out immediately for their Plumbers Leak Detection Kits. - March 08, 2019

LeakTronics Offers the Pulse Generator for Locating Underground Plumbing

Locating underground plumbing, including PVC, is made simple with the Pulse Generator acoustic pipe locator by LeakTronics. - February 13, 2019

LeakTronics Offers a Free Video Series for Turning Leak Detections Into Repair Work

A free series of instructional videos from LeakTronics offers an inside view on turning leak detection into paid repair work. - January 27, 2019

Customers Have Discovered PipeFuze for Post Freezing Pipe Crack Solutions

PipeFuze is a liquid polymer solution that seals minor pipe cracks and leaking problems from the inside of the pipe without digging. - January 12, 2019

Online Training Takes Hold for Leak Detection Professionals During Winter Season Downtime

Pool Pros are enhancing their service capabilities with online training from LeakTronics during the winter season down time. - January 10, 2019

Torque Lock Ships to Indonesia for Post Earthquake Structural Repair

Torque Lock Structural Staples are shipping to Indonesia to begin rebuilding devastated concrete structures after the 7.0 earthquake. - January 09, 2019

LeakTronics Helps Australian Residents Facing Concealed Water Leakage Concession Policies

As Australia faces increased water bills from hidden leaks, LeakTronics offers help with their equipment, professional locator and training. - December 16, 2018

Torque Lock Rescues the Oasis at the Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama

While structural cracking had rendered the Oasis useless to visitors, Alabama Poolworks used Torque Lock Structural Staples to rescue the cherished landmark. - December 03, 2018

LeakTronics Offers a Speaking Engagement at the Canadian Pool and Spa Conference

Leaktronics founder Darren Merlob to speak on the floor at the Canadian Pool and Spa Conference, December 5th, 2018. - November 30, 2018

LeakTronics Offers a Franchise Alternative

Owning a profitable business that's in demand is easier to come by than most people think. Don't franchise. - November 10, 2018

ACSPI Offers Pool Inspection Certification Online Training

The Association Of Certified Swimming Pool Inspectors offers online training and certification for Home Inspectors to increase their value in the workplace. - October 26, 2018

LeakTronics Leak Detection Equipment Manufacturer Now Offering Complete Leak Detection Training Online

LeakTronics, the market leader for manufacturing and distribution of innovative and accurate leak detection equipment offers online leak detection training. - October 25, 2018

LeakTronics to Showcase New Leak Detection Technology at the International Pool And Spa Expo

At the International Pool And Spa Expo, attendees will have access to the new SM-1 Mic and other listening technology from LeakTronics for the leak detection industry. - October 24, 2018

LeakTronics Offers the SM-1 for Advanced Leak Detecting in Pools and Spas

The SM-1 Side Mic from LeakTronics brings highly sensitive listening technology to the Swimming Pool Leak Detection market. - October 20, 2018

LeakTronics Founder Darren Merlob to Speak at the 2018 International Pool and Spa Show

Talking about the forefronts of Commercial Leak Detection Technology, President and Founder of LeakTronics Darren Merlob shares his insights in Las Vegas on October 31st from 12:30 - 1:30 pm. - October 03, 2018

LeakTronics and ACSPI Introduce Online Swimming Pool Inspection Certification and Training

LeakTronics and the Association of Certified Swimming Pool Inspectors bring a new level of professional online training with the Swimming Pool Inspection and Leak Detection training program. - September 21, 2018

Online Leak Detection Training on Teachable from LeakTronics

Learning Leak Detection is easier online with LeakTronics' new training program available through - June 02, 2018

Torque Lock Announces Issue of US Patent

Torque Lock Structural Systems, the leading manufacturer and distributor of professional structural staples, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent US9963870B2 titled “Structural Crack Repair Apparatus and Method” for the brands Structural Staple. - May 18, 2018

Free Online Training and Support from Leaktronics Through Memorial Day

Leaktronics, the leader in leak detection equipment for the swimming pool and plumbing industries, is offering free online training and support for leak detection technicians with the purchase of tools from the Leaktronics website. Now through Memorial Day, the company is helping technicians, and those looking to start a leak detection business, to become operational and build a business of their own with the trusted support of the industries top professionals. - May 17, 2018

Trace Non-Metal Lines Beneath the Ground with LeakTronics Acoustic Location Technology

LeakTronics, the leader in leak detection equipment manufacturing, is proud to announce the release of the Pulse Generator. This tool from LeakTronics uses Acoustic Location Technology to accurately identify the location of all types of plumbing under any type of ground cover. It is available now... - April 08, 2018

Locate Leaks in Vinyl Liner Pools with LeakTronics New Electronic Leak Detection Equipment

LeakTronics is excited to announce their release of the the VILO Vinyl Liner Leak Locating Kit. After 20 years of stagnation for vinyl liner leak locators, LeakTronics has made a breakthrough that zeroes in on those difficult-to-locate pinholes in liner pools. The VILO system, pinpoints leaks by... - April 06, 2018

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