Locbit and OEM, LLC Partner to Integrate OEM’s ECORE Technology Into the Locbit Platform

San Diego, CA, February 14, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Today, Locbit Inc. (www.locbit.com), a pioneer in the Internet of Things (IoT) whose cloud platform creates operational business efficiencies for commercial enterprise clients, announces a partnership with OEM, LLC (www.oem.us.com) to integrate OEM’s ECORE technology into the Locbit platform.

The Locbit IoT platform is device and protocol agnostic which enables any IP addressable smart device to seamlessly connect across any network. By utilizing its "Artificial Intelligence" based engine, the platform analyzes data sources and automatically adjusts connected devices in real time. Optimum energy efficiency enriches this technology with the addition of OEM’s ECORE, focusing on efficient cooling and refrigeration, to the Locbit IoT platform. This partnership will allow Locbit and OEM to create more cost savings in the larger commercial building sector including but not limited to Hotel Resort, Hospital and College/University type campus facilities.

Dilip R. Limaye, the Chairman for OEM LLC says, “We are very impressed with Locbit’s comprehensive IoT Platform for connecting, monitoring and managing all equipment in commercial and institutional buildings. Our ECORE-CI® Platform and algorithm optimizes chiller system energy efficiency, and its integration into Locbit provides clients a very powerful solution to manage and control energy consumption and costs, leading to savings of as much as 40%. We are looking forward to our collaboration with Locbit that will substantially reduce costs, improve operating efficiency, increase profits, enhance equipment life and contribute to sustainability.”

Garry Martin, President & COO of Locbit, Inc. states that, “We are very excited to be integrating OEM’s ECORE technology into the Locbit platform. As we continue to challenge the status quo on how devices and systems are integrated within an IoT platform, we are continually looking for new systems and devices that can further reduce the burden of utility costs. The inclusion of the ECORE controller allows us to more effectively reduce Kilowatt-hour usage in facilities that have larger chiller systems installed. Our unique abstraction processes analyze data from over 3,500 data sources in real time coupled with an AI decision engine to create optimum efficiency. Locbit will continue to strive for excellence in the field of energy conservation and sustainability, reducing both usage and costs for our commercial building customers. I am pleased to say that ECORE is now a key component in this endeavor.”

Locbit’s industry-leading, IoT building automation platform optimizes energy efficiency in real time through the monitorization and analysis of the building’s energy consumption in conjunction with utility grid supplied and any on-site renewable power production or storage. The results are apparent in the significant reduction of the kWh drawn from the grid, especially during critical peak demand periods, ultimately reducing operational costs for our clients.

Fastest, Simplest and Most Efficient IoT Platform as a Service

- Energy Management - Reduce energy demand; shrink utility costs by as much as 40%.

- Business Automation - Manage, monitor and automate smart devices to improve performance and lower operational costs.

- Risk Management - Proactive response to potential issues including: infrastructure malfunction, property damage and water leakage with real-time data and alerts.

Locbit is OpenADR 2.0 certified. This certification permits any utility company to provide when and where demand response will be implemented. With this information, in conjunction with other data sources, the Locbit IoT platform immediately adjusts connected devices to react to demand response and reduce peak load and kWh in real time.

About Locbit Inc.
Locbit is an Internet of Things software company dedicated to saving energy, improving operational efficiency and eliminating risk due to system failures. From our founding to our implementation across hotel, manufacturing, retail and other industries, Locbit is rapidly expanding to help companies connect their devices and data to save money, improve efficiency and reach business goals.

About OEM, LLC
Online Energy Manager was established in 2007 to respond to the need for efficient energy management and energy cost reduction in industrial processes and commercial buildings. OEM, LLC provides innovative solutions using proprietary technology that substantially reduces energy use and thereby contributes to improved user economics and mitigation of global climate impacts.
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