Alpine Botanicals Are the Center of Every Unique Formulation at

AlpStories is a true clean beauty brand with Alpine botanicals at the center of every unique formulation prepared by AlpStories or selected by customers for their personalized skincare products.

Atlanta, GA, February 15, 2019 --( A sustainable beauty brand named AlpStories has been launched to serve the clean skincare market segment in a direct-to-consumer model. Alpine Botanicals are the center and the inspiration of every unique formulation prepared by AlpStories or selected by customers for their personalized skincare products.

AlpStories uses hand harvested, organic botanicals from the Swiss and French Alps, grown in nutrient dense, fertile soil, yielding premium quality ingredients that provide more bioavailable benefits to the skin than those grown using more commercial methods. The natural, comforting active ingredient complex is designed to address dry skin, inflammation, redness, and environmental stress. Every AlpStories beauty product is formulated to European organic standards with certified ingredients guaranteeing maximum benefits and safety for skin.

With so many claims of “clean” and “natural,” it’s hard to know for a consumer which products are indeed natural and safe to use since, incredibly, there is no official standard.

Here is some insight in what was going on in the beauty industry. There are two sides of the spectrum: Natural products that aren’t necessarily natural at all (and if they are natural, they don’t usually have active ingredients that create results), and the second being high technology products with high levels of active ingredients that are very dirty.

Until now, the U.S. has banned 30 ingredients from personal care products, while the E.U. has banned over 1,400 harmful chemicals and ingredients. Luckily AlpStories is way ahead of the game - only using natural and healthful organic alternatives to the harmful (and often toxic) ingredients that should be banned. AlpStories made the decision to cut out toxic chemicals like the EU did and even went above and beyond. To demonstrate their commitment to safety and skin health, AlpStories works with certified organic ingredients partners from the Swiss and French Alps.

AlpStories is a true clean beauty brand, meaning that unlike a lot of beauty products on the market, their products contain zero harsh chemicals and are truly organic and pure. AlpStories wanted to set a new standard for what is considered healthy for beauty products. The team of AlpStories is passionate about every single ingredient and every single one of one of their blends - whether it be a custom blend (Made by You) or a pre-made one. Their believe is that everything necessary to look beautiful is contained in nature, and this is why they pride ourselves on manufacturing sustainably created skin care products that leave a low carbon footprint and do no testing on animals. Their innovative robotic manufacturing system is also a pledge to their philosophy.

The Power of Alpine Plants

Alpine Flowers and plants such as Aloe Vera, Arnica, and Chamomile have been used for centuries for medical and therapeutic purposes because of their healing properties and even effectively treat signs of aging. Growing high in the mountains, rich in phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants and UV protectants, their ability to cope with extreme fluctuations in climate makes these small Alpine plants remarkable.

As an example, Alpine Rose grows and thrives in an incredibly harsh environment consisting of high altitude dryness and freezing temperatures. Its resilience and regenerative characteristics help the rose to thrive. The Alpine Rose contains stem cells that protect it against dehydration as well as the attack of radicals and pathogens. These cells have amazing regenerative attributes, enabling the plant to produce new cells continuously throughout its lifetime. Scientists have learned how these characteristics can also help support more youthful skin.

AlpStories understands that what consumers put into and out of their bodies should create a natural harmony between plants harvested at the peak of the season and the all-natural, organic skin care products created from these plants. Thus bringing the bounty of the Alps right to the skin.

They launched a new business model that is in tune with changing customer behavior and the need for healthy beauty products that are unique to a customer’s skin need. Natural and innovative health solutions for people keen to take responsibility for their own health. – Where Nature meets Future
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