New Online Portal,, Removes the Attorneys from Undisputed Divorces, a new online portal with offices in Waltham, MA, makes it possible for couples to transact their own divorce, without attorneys.

Waltham, MA, February 28, 2019 --( They say nobody wins in a divorce except the attorneys. That’s why many couples, even ones who agree in principle to split up, stay together because they simply can’t afford the attorney fees. One Stop Divorce, a new online portal with offices in Waltham, MA, makes it possible for couples to transact their own divorce, without attorneys.

An offshoot of CompleteCase, a company that’s helped more than 500,000 couples successfully divorce using online filing, involves a simple, three-step process. Couples first create an account and then complete an online divorce interview. If you are eligible, couples will then be provided a link to download the divorce documents that meet your local court’s requirements - without having to spends thousands in attorney fees.

“Many couples can’t afford to get a divorce. That’s a sad reality for many people in unhappy marriages,” said Jim Elgart, CFO of “If a couple is in agreement about divorcing and agree to the basic terms of the split, provides the forms and resources to file for a divorce without an attorney--all for about the price of what many divorce attorneys charge by the hour, $299.”

The trend toward do-it-yourself divorces is a growing one in the U.S. both for the expense and convenience. Its estimated that between 60 and 80 percent of divorcing couples will choose online preparation of divorce papers. takes it one step further by enabling couples in an uncontested divorce to file papers without the need for attorneys. offers its customers support by phone and e-mail to help couples complete the paperwork, which typically takes two days. stands by its service with a 100 percent money-back guarantee should the courts not accept the forms submitted by divorcing couples.

For couples with children, includes components to address child support payments and to customize a parenting plan or custody agreement. support staff are also available to assist couples in these two areas.

“For a flat fee of $299, it is possible for a couple to get an uncontested divorce. Our instructions are detailed and easy-to-understand and both spouses have access to all documents,” said Elgart. “Best of all, couples have access to personalized support and guidance and there are absolutely no hidden fees.”

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