The Notary Training Network Launches in Maryland by Hosting Inaugural Notary Conference

Most notaries receive minimal training. This leads to misinformation, lack of confidence, increased liability for employers, and public frustration.

Baltimore, MD, March 05, 2019 --( The Notary Training Network is hosting the Inaugural Notary Professionals Conference, on Saturday, April 13, 2019, from 9 AM – 5 PM, in the auditorium of The Universities at Shady Grove, in Rockville, Maryland. Training sessions include electronic notarizations, fraud awareness, and an industry experts panel on common notary mistakes. Individuals and businesses that provide notary services are encouraged to attend. Registration is $95, group discounts are available, and lunch is included. This event is sponsored by Notarize, the leading global platform for electronic notarizations.

Notary education is only required in a few states. In other states, notaries receive little or no training but are tasked with helping to prevent identity theft and fraud.

Notaries do more than just put a stamp on a piece of paper. They are public servants. Customer service, best practices, and legal responsibility are topics that notaries want to learn but are rarely taught.

Some notaries are self-employed, while others work for a traditional employer. Regardless of their employment status, notaries are needed in every industry, including government, healthcare, insurance, and real estate. The importance of the notary profession is often minimized or overlooked and little value is put on being a notary because the requirements to receive your notary commission are oftentimes minimal. A notarized document can be legally binding or cited for use in court. However, improper notarizations can result in fraud, excessive fines or lawsuits.

Most commonly, you can find notaries in banks and libraries as part of their services to the community. The limitations in these environments are that notaries don’t notarize every type of document. For example, if you are granting a power of attorney, preparing burial arrangements, withdrawing money from an investment account, or signing paperwork for a new house, you would want a notary that is familiar with the documents that have to be signed and notarized because these are all costly transactions and life-changing events.

The Notary Training Network conducts notary training workshops in Maryland, a state where notary education is not currently mandated. The workshops utilize professional development skills to enhance confidence and knowledge for notary professionals. They are proud to be hosting the Inaugural Notary Professionals Conference as this is the first event of its kind to be held in Maryland.

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Michol Bobb