Speed Dating for One - Matchmaking Event Company Arrives in Dallas

Matchmaking for the Millennium. VIP Matchmakers launch event company for the single man.

Dallas, TX, March 12, 2019 --(PR.com)-- VIP Matchmaking, a locally-owned boutique matchmaking event service, has officially launched their unique service in Dallas for local VIP Singles. With a combined eighteen years of experience, George Ochoa and Renee Edd are bringing something unique to the world of Dallas singles. After watching singles struggle with traditional matchmaking for years, the duo have developed a one-day only event that is more cost-effective and takes the “work” out of dating.

“You can spend hours and days and countless dollars going out on dates,” says George Ochoa whose degree from Texas Tech University is in Intimate Relationships, “And although with traditional matchmaking, those dates are with people that actually meet your criteria, we can’t predict chemistry. In an event setting, you know right away whether that chemistry is there or not.”

VIP Matchmaking has a strong belief system in keeping the personal touch involved throughout the entire Matchmaking process, as well as, adapting and evolving with their clients’ needs. Renee Edd has hosted singles events since 2006. Some of her events are patently out of the box such as: Speed Dating in Cars, Speed Dating in Elevators and Escape the Zombie in The Room Speed Dating - which other companies have taken and run with. The VIP Event, in contrast, is gimmick-free and straight to the point.

“It really just streamlines the process. Like traditional matchmaking, we meet with every client personally, we really know their criteria. Then we go out and search for it. We screen, vet, and select all matches and put them in one room for the client to meet one by one. It’s similar to what you see on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker but I make sure every woman gets at least 15 minutes one on one with the client so no one is hopelessly vying for attention. The events are fun and low-pressure. I guess it’s like speed dating for one person .”

The end result is the client finding out who they have chemistry with immediately. Each event takes place in an upscale Dallas venue in a private area with the ladies being provided with food and drink. Both the client, and the women they meet, feel safe, special and efficient. It’s a great way to make singles feel special.

“Online dating is chaotic and there’s no personal touch. Besides, many of our clients are private people who would rather not have an online profile floating out in the internet ether,” says Ochoa.

The VIP Events have an 96% success rate. For more information on this unusual way of dating, please email info@VIPMatchmakingEvents.com, visit www.VIPMatchmakingEvents.com or call 832.283.7912.

VIP Matchmaking Events is a premier boutique-style events firm. We focus on getting to know our clients personally and providing them with discreet and caring, one on one care. Like with traditional matchmaking, we respect privacy, are discreet and attentive. VIP events go outside the database to find your match while sticking to your criteria and guidelines. All singles are screened in-office and thoroughly vetted prior to the events. These events are one of a kind and tailored to the needs of each client.
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