Zoellner Whole Financial PLLC Strengthens Professional Alliances with Commercial Real Estate Brokers by Completing 1031 Exchanges Into a Delaware Statutory Trust

Waterford, MI, March 14, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Zoellner Whole Financial PLLC Strengthens Professional Alliances with Commercial Real Estate Brokers by completing 1031 Exchanges into a Delaware Statutory Trust enhancing the relationship between the Commercial Real Estate Broker and their large Commercial Real Estate Client.

January 14th 2019 a High Net Worth Real Estate Investor informed his Commercial Real Estate Broker (CRE Broker) that he accepted an offer on vacant land and wants to defer the taxes on low cost basis highly appreciated real estate. The special situation is that the closing is in two days. The sale is under $200,000.00, but the Seller has three other properties for sale valued at over $ 7,000,000.00.

Zoellner Whole Financial PLLC (ZWF) was notified and confirmed to the CRE Broker and Seller that they had the ability and the Professional Alliances to meet the unusual demand within the extremely short time frame.

The first step was to connect the Title Company with a trusted and prepared Qualified Intermediary. Step two was to locate and review a suitable exchange property for the Seller in his mid-70s. Other considerations were that the United States is in a late stage Economic Cycle. Commercial Real Estate enjoyed a robust 2018 and buying near the height of the cycle with property valuations near all-time highs posed a current challenge.

Zoellner Whole Financial PLLC has continual access to Delaware Statutory Trusts from various Real Estate Market Participants and was prepared to act.

David R. Zoellner Sr., CEO & Chief Investment Officer of ZWF, said, “We know this is an important relationship for the CRE Broker and wanted to deepen the trust between himself and his Seller. We had 6 different investments that could be executed in a timely manner but we put our very best foot forward. The Seller was savvy, so it was an easy choice recommending DSTs from Cantor Fitzgerald. Cantor had two Multi-Family DSTs over subscription that were suitable for this particular Seller. Two deals with three building worth a combined $157,900,000.00. We scrambled but got the job done."

"Working in a pressure time frame requires trust, confidence, being prepared with the ability to work closely with professionals for the benefit of client. Preserving the relationship for the CRE Broker was paramount,” exclaimed Zoellner. “We got the call January 14th 2019 and on February 2nd 2019 both 1031 Exchanges were completed without boot.”

Zoellner Whole Financial PLLC is an Independent Financial Service Company with Traditional Brokerage Services and offers Durable Income Securities. ZWF offers a turnkey process to defer taxes on the sale of businesses, commercial real estate and others large transactions of highly appreciated property such as private jets, commercial cranes, commercial farming tractors and art work with our partner at the Estate Planning Team using the Deferred Sales Trust™.

Source: Zoellner Whole Financial PLLC

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