Melson to be Honored at 14th Annual "Manifesting the Power of a Dream" Honorary Banquet

Retired junior middleweight boxer and Army Public Affairs Officer Boyd Melson will be honored by Rev Maggie M. Howard and Evangelist Maime E. Daniels at the Martin Luther King Jr. “Manifesting the Power of a Dream” banquet.

New York, NY, March 14, 2019 --( Retired junior middleweight boxer and Army Public Affairs Officer Boyd Melson will be honored by Rev Maggie M. Howard and Evangelist Maime E. Daniels at the Martin Luther King Jr. “Manifesting the Power of a Dream” banquet.

This special evening takes place Friday, April 5 from 7-11 PM at the Hilton Garden Inn in Staten Island, NY. Tickets are available by calling 718-749-2933 or 347-542-3272. Tickets are $100 each and all of the money will benefit the Stapleton UMAE Church. Tickets must be purchased by March 15.

During his 18 fight professional career, West Point graduate Boyd Melson, donated every penny he earned in the ring with the majority of his donations going directly to spinal cord injury research. Between his fight purses, private donations and charity galas, the former WBC-USNBC 154 pound champion helped raise more than $400,000 through the nonprofit he co-founded TEAM FIGHT TO WALK.

Melson continues to give back to the Staten Island community by running a free KNOCK OUT ADDICTION weekly boxing clinic for people battling or overcoming addiction on Staten Island. These clinics are run out of Demarco’s Boxing Gym.

After retiring from boxing in 2016, Melson ran for Congress in New York’s 11th district, covering Staten Island and South Brooklyn. Melson, a Major in the United States Army Reserve, volunteered to deploy to the Middle East last year in order for a soldier to stay behind and take a different Army assignment that would benefit her family. As a result, he was forced to withdraw from the campaign.

During his campaign, he visited Stapleton UAME Church where he met Rev. Howard. Melson noticed that Howard was having a difficult time walking. She told Melson her cholesterol medicine had an adverse effect which caused muscular issues. This preventing Howard from walking.

Melson forged a friendship with Howard and suggested she try boxing to strengthen her body. The two worked together weekly with Melson holding boxing pads for the Reverend to punch from a seated position. After helping her build her strength up, Howard is now able to walk with limited assistance.

“Boyd is a wonderful man,” said Howard. “He exemplifies Dr. King’s community service model and encouraging others.”

“What do you say when you have a leader in the community tell you that she believes that Dr. King would be proud of the life you have chosen to live - what do you say,” asked Melson. “What did I say when she said this, absolutely nothing. The waterworks began. She will tell you. I couldn’t speak. I just began crying. Then I told her I don’t know if I have earned this. I have also hurt a lot of people in my life chasing my visions to help people. Then she said that she is sure Dr. King hurt people also while trying to help people, but if your intentions are pure, then sometimes you hurt people accidentally; it’s called life. This honor along with being named in 2014 as the WBC Ambassador of Peace are the two most important honors I have ever received. I don’t care what people say. I have a lot more to live up to in order to earn a recognition with Dr. King’s names before it. Dr. Martin Luther King my God, I have a lifetime left of work I need to do to live up to this. I am often asked why I’m the way I am. I always say it is because of my parents. My father will be delivering a keynote speech at the banquet, and all in attendance will understand why I am the way I am. My father told me when I was three years-old I was created to shine a light that helps others stand in the dark. That I was created to suffer in order to help others stop suffering. The power of suggestion, at any age, especially coming from a male figure to any child, is what creates hope for a future adult. I am because of my mother and father. I am shaped because of my daddy.”
Boyd Melson
Matt Yanofsky