LeakTronics Introduces the Irrigation Leak Detection Kit

LeakTronics now offers a non-invasive leak detection kit for the Irrigation, Landscape and Property Maintenance professional.

Canoga Park, CA, March 17, 2019 --(PR.com)-- LeakTronics, the worldwide leader in electronic leak detection equipment manufacturing and global distribution offers the Irrigation leak Detection Kit for mapping and tracing irrigation lines and finding leaks with non-invasive listening techniques. The equipment reduces time and expense for irrigation technicians to identify the location of leaks in irrigation lines and is available immediately at the brands website for purchase.

Irrigation plumbing runs under soil, aggregate and concrete, making it an arduous task to identify where the plumbing lines are located, and to accurately identify exactly where pipes are leaking. Often, the irrigation professional is left digging just to find the line, and digging more to follow it in hopes of seeing where the pipe is broken. With the highly sensitive listening equipment from LeakTronics, technicians pressurize the line and listen through soil and solid surfaces to hear where the water is escaping the pipe. This allows them to dig precisely where the repair will take place, and greatly reduces the time, expense and damage to property during the leak detection and repair process.

“We use it daily,” shares Ben Cleavy, a landscape professional in North Carolina. “Even in the systems we install, whether it’s on a golf course or in a neighborhood. Sometimes leaks happen, and after we get a cold spell and people report a rise in water use, we know there’s a break in there somewhere. The last thing we want to do is dig up a garden or have to disrupt someone’s bricks and concrete to get at a pipe. We can simply listen to find where the pipe is and hear if that pipe is leaking. It’s a time saver!”

The Irrigation Leak Detection Kit includes the Pulse Generator; a tool specially designed to radiate a sonic vibration through thousands of feet of pipe, including PVC, plastic and metal pipes. Using the soil probe, a tool also included in the kit, technicians listen to the audible pulse in the pipe more than five feet underground to map and mark where the plumbing lines run. Once identified, the technician uses the included Pressure Rig to send air and water through the pipe, creating the sound of the leak. With the same Soil Probe, the technician can now follow the mapped plumbing line and listen for the leak at it’s exact location. Once found, the only digging necessary takes place at the precise location of the leak, and the repair can be made with ease.

LeakTronics showcases the new kit on their website at http://leaktronics.com. The complete kit includes listening equipment, pressure testing equipment, the Pulse generator and the LT1000 Amplifier that powers all LeakTronics listening equipment. Ergonomically designed to make pipe locating and leak discovery easy, the kit comes in at $2300 complete and ships in 48 hours. The company offers a free 2 year limited warranty and one-call customer assistance. For answers to questions, simply call LeakTronics at 818-436-2953.
Joe Dolan