Denali BioSolutions Offers New Organic Product YieldBuilder

Denali BioSolutions Inc. is proud to announce the release of YieldBuilder™. The innovative product of Denali BioSolutions Inc. leads the edge of the sustainable farming and organic growth. Offering environmentally friendly alternatives to farmers, organic growers, hydroponic growers, turf applications, and home gardeners. All products are manufactured here locally at our 12,000 square foot facility in Northern Minnesota.

Pequot Lakes, MN, March 20, 2019 --( YieldBuilder™ is the 100% organic shelf stable worm tea and soil inoculant. Made from OMRI certified worm castings, it is loaded with beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, and other natural microorganisms. The natural biodiversity enhances plant growth, root health, rapid seed germination, and soil aeration. The proprietary microbe blend breaks down nutrients in the soil making them more consumable while increasing the water holding capacity and help with pests & disease. These microbes form a symbiotic relationship with your soil and plants to increase plant health and promote larger yields.

Through a proprietary process developed through top end research Denali BioSolutions has rendered the beneficial biology dormant with an extended shelf life of 12+ months. Pioneering this process has set YeilderBuilder far ahead of the watered down teas that cannot be stored. For use the microbes are re-activated and expanded on before being added to your soil. This specific concentrated biodiversity innovated by Denali Biosciences is essential to healthy soil preventing soil degradation, both common issues that have shown correlation through studies to modern farming techniques which take in lesser account to the microbiome.

In conjunction with the latest originative product from Denali BioSolutions we have also launched our new website in early 2019. Featuring a mobile friendly platform with enhanced functionality. The goal of the new site is to offer consumer access and connectivity through E-commerce sales, social media links, an informative blog, and detailed page on the science and process behind YieldBuilder™. It is a great place to find industry leading information on sustainable farming, organic growing, and other agriculture related news.

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