Employer Rights Discussed by Atlanta Labor & Employment Attorney

Atlanta, GA, March 21, 2019 --(PR.com)-- An Atlanta labor & employment attorney at KPPB LAW released a blog discussing employer rights in the workplace. While much of labor & employment law focuses on the rights and needs of employees, business owners and other employers also have rights that must be respected.

Employers have the right to make decisions in the best interest of their businesses. They may appoint and dismiss employees in accordance with their contracts. Employers may also expect a reasonable level of performance from their employees and can institute programs and other method to improve performance if necessary. Demanding high-quality work and loyalty from your employees, who may not be allowed to compete directly with your company while employed, is also an employer's right. As with employees, employers are protected from discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

As an employer, you also have several responsibilities. Employers can be held responsible for their employees' actions and must work to create an environment that does not promote or allow discrimination, sexual harassment, and hostile working conditions. Violations of these responsibilities make up the bulk of employee complaints and represent a liability that must be dealt with quickly and effectively to protect both your employees' rights and your company's reputation. If you have violated your employees' rights, collect a formal complaint and notify the appropriate human resources representative to begin resolving the case right away. The resolution may include instituting new policies in the workplace to prevent a similar incident from occurring again, the transfer or dismissal of employees, and other changes.

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Alex Caruso
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