Northern Virginia Title Company Explains Title Insurance for New Homes

Fairfax, VA, March 21, 2019 --( Mathis Title Company, a Northern Virginia title company, released a blog explaining the importance of securing title insurance for new construction. Homeowners who are purchasing brand-new properties often wonder: Do I need owner's title insurance for new construction?

The answer is yes. Title insurance is designed to protect your property from potential issues arising from the title of the property. This can include undisclosed heirs to the property, mechanics liens that were placed on the property, and other issues that would make it difficult for the house to be sold. In most cases, these roadblocks occur after years of the house's existence and various transfers in ownership. Many new homeowners, however, fail to realize that similar title problems can occur even if they are the first owners of a new home.

Title insurance can protect you from concerns related to both your new house and the land on which it is built. The land itself may have an existing lien on it, which would make it difficult for you to take legal ownership of the land and the house. The land can also present issues related to undetermined property boundaries, which title insurance can help identify and define. Finally, title insurance can protect you from liens placed on the house while it is being built. If contractors and subcontractors go unpaid for any reason, title insurance can help you resolve the situation and take ownership. Homeowners who forego title insurance leave themselves vulnerable to these unexpected ownership issues and the expense of resolving them.

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