New Product Release from Cubare: Inflatable Bed Rails

Cubare, a manufacturer of safety products, has released a new inflatable bed rail set, which is available for sale on Amazon. They are designed to mitigate the danger of nighttime falls for children. Packs like a pair of jeans in luggage and can be used at home or for travel. 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee and lifetime warranty.

Goleta, CA, March 25, 2019 --( Cubare, a manufacturer of safety products, has released an inflatable bed rail set, which is available for sale on Amazon.

The Cubare Inflatable Bed Rails are designed to address the danger to children of nighttime falls. The inflatable design and included storage bag enable packing into luggage. The set of two takes up about the same amount of space and weight as a pair of jeans. Children are more susceptible to falling out of bed when in a bed they do not sleep in regularly. The safety bumpers can also be used at home for children who are active sleepers, or who are transitioning into a new bed.

The Cubare Health and Safety website is located at and the set is sold at

Cubare has a "100% Moneyback Satisfaction Guarantee" on their products.

Cubare includes a postage-paid Business Reply Mail card with every set, facilitating registration for the safety recall database.

Cubare also provides a web address for online registration for safety recall purposes and a limited lifetime extended warranty:

Cubare was founded in 2018 on the principles of providing high-quality health and safety products and promoting the well-being of children and animals around the world.

Cubare is in collaboration with the following humanitarian and animal advocacy organizations:

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