Succeed On Purpose Launches Free “Business Foundation” Course

Irving, TX, March 30, 2019 --( For the first time ever, Succeed On Purpose, a business, career and personal transformation organization, has made its popular “Business Foundation” course available to the public at no charge. This content, which was previously available only through paid coaching and live workshops, is now available for free online, in an on-demand format.

The “Business Foundation” program was created by Terri Maxwell, Founder and CEO of Succeed On Purpose. She developed this course from decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur and social impact investor.

The “Business Foundation” program is designed for entrepreneurs, whether they’re just starting, or have an existing business that is not profitable. The goal of the three-module course is to introduce entrepreneurs to the foundational skills for building and growing a meaningful impact business: Business Fit (does the business fit the entrepreneur); Differentiation (is the business different in a way that matters to the target market); and Demand Generation (does the market want what you’re selling).

The online version of this program makes this material accessible to everyone from anywhere in the world. “We provide this foundational course for free because building a business is a difficult profession, and we want to improve entrepreneur’s success rate. Our goal is to guide entrepreneurs to greater success by giving them the tools to build a winning foundation,” said Terri Maxwell.

The free “Business Foundation” course is available now online. You can learn more and access the course here.

About Succeed On Purpose:
Founded in 2009 by Terri Maxwell, Succeed on Purpose® is a personal and professional development company focused on transformation. Through their powerful programs and coaching, individuals create more meaning and success, whether that be in their business, career, or life.
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