NoteXbook Has Launched on Kickstarter

It's more than a Notebook - it also contains a individual refillable Goals and ToDo Manager.

San Francisco, CA, April 02, 2019 --( What makes Note[x]book unique is not only that it is refillable, but a smartphone, cards, a wallet and pen can be put in it too.

The Goals and ToDo-Manager can improve life in 3 steps:

The first step is the ability to write down Goals and write down what is needed to achieve those Goals.

The second step is to define the daily tasks and to mark every day with a red X if all daily tasks are accomplished.

And the last step is to take Notes and get help from the ToDo Stickers.

Note[x]book has some Stretch Goals and gifts for backers if they achieve their stretch Goals.

Note[x]book already has launched on Kickstarter:
Harun Bicakli