New Platform, Narrative, Brings Democracy to Online Content

Mount Pleasant, SC, April 05, 2019 --( Today, Narrative Company announced the public Beta launch of its Narrative content platform. Narrative seeks to solve some of the thorniest issues facing online content today-censorship, account takedowns, fake news, trolls/bots, and data ownership.

According to CEO Ted O’Neill, the solution is to use content quality ratings that come from the community at large, combined with an action-based reputation system.

“In Narrative, your deeds determine your influence (and the rewards you receive) within the platform, whether that’s writing high quality articles, rating content, or voting via the governance system.”

This is the opposite of the current social content model, where the employees or contractors of a corporate entity decide what the community standards should be, and there is typically no tangible reward for the content you contribute.

All content in Narrative is public, and it’s free to use. In fact, 85% of the revenue will go back out to users in the form of US Dollars or token-based rewards.

Narrative organizes content using “Niches,” which are unique subjects that are suggested, approved, and owned by community members.

The Narrative community has been testing a private Alpha for the past year. The Alpha has been focused on refining the reputation system and building out the universe of Niches. More than 800 Niches have been purchased to date, ranging from Cryptocurrency to Basketball Recruiting. There are currently approximately 7,000 registered members.

About Narrative

Narrative Company is headquartered in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Its co-CEOs, Ted and Rosemary O’Neill, are also the founders of Social Strata, a leading community engagement platform. For additional information, please contact
Narrative Company
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