TechFlow Teams Up to Form Continuous Delivery Alliance to Bring Cutting Edge Continuous Deployment to Government

Four companies announce an alliance to address DevSecOps challenges in the public sector at the Cloud Foundry 2019 North American Summit in Philadelphia.

San Diego, CA, April 08, 2019 --( TechFlow, a forward-thinking logistics and digital services solutions company, in conjunction with three other founding members, announced the formation of the Continuous Delivery Alliance at the Cloud Foundry 2019 North American Summit in Philadelphia last week.

The Continuous Delivery Alliance ( aims to address the digital services and technology needs of federal, state and local governments from contracting through implementation. Government processes have been slow to adapt to modern methodologies, slowing down progress and accessibility to innovative technologies by public service providers. The Alliance brings together a collective of deep expertise in technology and government contracting with an intent to simplify, accelerate and optimize technology adoption.

“In order for government to continuously improve – it needs to be on a continuous deployment footing; however, continuous deployment is a highly technical engineering and administrative skill that is rare in government,” said Greg Godbout, TechFlow Chief Digital Officer. “Our Alliance provides a community of skilled technologists immersed in modern deployment experience that will enable the government to jump ahead of the modernization curve and quickly realize improvements.”

TechFlow, Resilient Scale, Stark & Wayne and SuperOrbital, the founding members of the Alliance, chose to make their announcement at Cloud Foundry’s Summit which was attended by over 1,000 developers, operators, CIOs and other IT professionals. “The goal of the Alliance is to pool our resources and knowledge to make experienced expert services available to the public sector,” said Godbout. “Cloud Foundry’s Summit is held with a similar intention – to come together to share best practices to elevate deployment by all.”

The Alliance offers unparalleled expertise in technologies including Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP and practices like continuous integration/ delivery and DevSecOps. In addition to providing their own expertise, the Alliance members will work inside government to ensure high-quality, experienced practitioners are leveraged for impact. This will include opening a door for people that are not currently servicing the government – and providing vehicle(s) for them to get involved.

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