XPAND K.K. Launches XPAND.CODES Reader App

Multi-barcode reader that can read QR/XPAND/EAN Codes available on the App Store.

Tokyo, Japan, April 05, 2019 --(PR.com)-- XPAND K.K., which provides “XPAND.CODES,” the barcode solution for signs, has announced the launch of XPAND.CODES Reader App for iOS mobile device today. XPAND.CODES Reader is a free multi barcode reader that can read QR/XPAND/EAN codes quickly and with precision. It helps users to scan various barcodes whether near or far and to obtain additional information on smartphones. XPAND K.K. is also developing an app for Android devices.

“Through our collaboration with Belgium's Vision Smarts, we have equipped it with a high-functioning reading engine, which you can use to read the XPAND codes displayed on the large displays inside of stadiums. The addition of our new mobile app allows for an experience of linking various spaces with the internet, making it the easiest and the most valuable barcode reader,” said Toworu Nanmoku, CEO of XPAND.

“When we set out to develop our barcode and QR code reader software, it was to read codes that were blurry or difficult to read on product packages. It is very exciting and gratifying to see XPAND take the technology in a totally different and useful direction.” added Benoit Maison, CEO of Vision Smarts.

XPAND.CODES Reader Features:
- Point your camera towards the QR/XPAND/EAN codes to connect to the Internet
- Indoor mapping & navigation service inside shopping malls and exhibitions – Coming soon
- No usage fees, no ads and no registering of personal information
- The app requires only access to the camera for reading barcodes and to location information for navigation

To celebrate its release, XPAND offers XPAND Sign free edition globally which you can try XPAND Code for free.

See more at: xpand.codes/en/20190403-01-xpandsigngratis/

XPAND Code is a barcode for space that was created during the design process for traffic signs. Nanmoku developed this as a way to expand information on signs while working on the designs of Tokyo Metro train information signs for the 2020 Olympic Games. This new barcode follows in the footsteps of EAN/UPC Code and QR Code links with your smartphone even from far away distances without ruining the design of the sign or scenery. In addition to locations such as restaurants all over Japan, XPAND Code has started to be utilized in public transportation and public spaces. The Tokyo Metro train information sign design won the IIID Award2017 (iiidaward.net/).

XPAND was able to successfully scan at a span of 20 to 60 meters/ 60 to 200 feet, across a road.

See a movie of a distance scan at Shinjuku Alta Vision: youtu.be/dl7noo5HDlQ

XPAND K.K. offers “XPAND.CODES,” the barcode solution for signs. XPAND Code links with your smartphone even from far away distances without ruining the design of the sign or scenery. XPAND offers innovative services to increase convenience for users of space such as public facilities, public transportation and commercial facilities.

XPAND.CODES has undergone trademark, design, and utility model registration in Japan, and the international registration of the XPAND.CODES to the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) as a trademark.

See more at: xpand.codes/en/

About Vision Smarts
Vision Smarts SPRL develops Barcode Scanners and QR Code Reader Software Libraries, SDKs, and mobile applications for iOS, Android and HTML5.

This month marks the 10th anniversary of their app pic2shop, the App Store's first barcode scanner.

See more at: www.visionsmarts.com/
Toworu Nanmoku