Lookster.com Launches New Indiegogo Campaign to Help Develop a Neutral, Secure Search Engine

London, United Kingdom, April 08, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Lookster is seeking to provide internet users with a comprehensive, secure, and responsive search engine that respects the privacy of its users. To help achieve this ambition, they have established an Indiegogo funding campaign to assist with development costs.

Privacy is at the forefront of many internet users' minds, and with good reason. Numerous companies in recent years have been caught profiting from the sale of confidential user information. Lookster seeks to readdress that balance and inspire confidence once more from internet users. The goal is to achieve this by offering a user-friendly search engine, that will never track internet activity or sell user-data to advertisers of any kind.

The intention is for Lookster to be a fully-featured search engine, capable of handling all manner of day-to-day searches.

Current features marked for integration by the development team include eCommerce search tools, including Amazon and eBay, along with interactive maps, weather forecasting, and price comparison tools for online shopping. A browser extension for both Google Chrome and Firefox is also planned to provide the best possible functionality for users. A proprietary web crawler, named Lookster Bot, will offer comprehensive website indexing and ranking of web pages providing wide-ranging searches that encompass all corners of the internet.

In Lookster's own words - "Lookster.com was founded with one simple mission to provide its users with relevant unbiased search results whilst protecting their privacy."

Web development can be an expensive undertaking, however, particularly when the goal is for a quality, user-friendly, and ethical search engine. This is why the Lookster team have put forward their Indiegogo funding campaign, to seek support from users and businesses who put privacy at the head of their search engine requirements.

The funds gathered are intended for use in both the completion of current search tools that are in development, along with network infrastructure scaling to ensure sufficient data storage. Any backers will have their deposits matched in advertising credits - a $200 deposit yields a $400 advertising credit, for example. These are administered via a custom developed pay-per-click engine integrated into Lookster, using keyword searches to display appropriate adverts.

Lookster is seeking to offer users and businesses the opportunity to enjoy a wide-reaching search engine, without needing to worry that their searches are being tracked, or their personal information is being sold to the highest bidder.

Any help offered towards achieving this goal is sincerely appreciated by the entire Lookster team.

For more information on the Indiegogo campaign, please visit https://igg.me/at/lookster/x or contact media@lookster.com.
James King