BlazeTools Technology Consulting Begins Offering Services in Central Massachusetts

BlazeTools is a full service technology consulting service that has begun operations in central Massachusetts. Providing services such as vendor management, help-desk services, on and off site services, and a strong history of saving business owners money, allows them to help business owners compete in a digital world.

Gardner, MA, April 09, 2019 --( BlazeTools LLC has officially initiated operations in the central Massachusetts area. The company marks itself as a technology consulting service, however the numerous services it provides is designed to meet the needs of small and large businesses alike.

Owner of BlazeTools, Michael Fitzgerald had this to say, "BlazeTools is taking a fresh approach at the way technology consulting agencies do business. Instead of the traditional model where consultants come in, tell you what you should do, charge a lot of money, and leave the work to you, we handle it all. We manage vendors, provide our own in-house services, and can even lease or build custom equipment and software. We strive to make a company's IT challenges something that doesn't have to be dealt with everyday. If you don't have to think about your company's technology anymore, then we have done our job."

BlazeTools also operates their own form building website to help businesses drive customer engagement and lead generation. It is available to anyone at, but is also included for free when a business uses BlazeTools for their computer and IT needs. BlazeTools' Development Team Director, Amanda Saball explained, "It makes building forms really easy! It's a very simple drag and drop interface, and only takes a few minutes to learn how to use. We are always making updates and adding additional features, especially when it would help meet the needs of one of our customers. It also has workflows, biometric login, and some other really helpful features you won't find in a tool priced the way ours is."

BlazeTools is now accepting clients and taking free initial consultation appointments. They can be contacted through their website at
Michael Fitzgerald