Virtual Reality Will Hit Critical Mass at $199, Survey from Reveals

An overwhelming number of consumers say virtual reality will hit critical mass when VR headsets are sold for $199, according to a new survey.

Las Vegas, NV, April 09, 2019 --( An overwhelming majority of consumers say virtual reality will hit critical mass when VR headsets sell for $199, according to a new poll conducted by Picture Virtual Reality (

The survey was conducted over a four month period by the online virtual reality news website, which reports on the latest VR news, videos, VR games, esports, Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality. PXVR offers a wide range of breaking VR news on the fast growing technology sector. The survey found that 82% of those surveyed feel the majority of consumers would purchase a VR headset for $199.

Another 13% said they would either purchase a VR headset or feel that consumers would at a price of $99 to make VR hit critical mass. A large number of studies have shown that virtual reality has been growing with increasing sales of VR games, VR esports and VR videos over the past two years. A combination of Mixed Reality, Artificial Reality and other additions is pushing VR into a wider area of options for users.

The survey paints a positive picture on the virtual reality industry, which has been slow to reach critical mass over the past five years since reaching the commercial market. VR was originally used to train pilots and other areas in government. regularly surveys visitors on important issues related to virtual reality and is a leading independent resource for consumers to keep track of the technology industry. Journalists, including experts in VR esports, games, VR headsets and VR startups provide reports and forecasts on so consumers can keep up with the growing sector.

Holiday sales spurred virtual reality headset sales, with many buyers getting their hands on headsets for $199.99. PSVR sets reached revenue sales of $3.6 billion during their large sale, according to SuperData. A steep price for VR headsets has been considered the most severe barrier to entry for many consumers for many years. But sales of headsets have seen a massive improvement over the past year alone.
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