Pure Yolks Announces Availability of Its Certified Organic Eggs at Spencer’s

Kolkata, India, April 12, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Pure Yolks, committed to providing consumers with farm fresh organic eggs at an affordable price, announces increased retail expansion of its organic egg line with its availability at Spencer’s-a chain of retail stores. (https://www.pureyolks.com).

Pure yolks provides its hens with organic, non-GMO feed but goes far beyond feed to ensure its organic eggs is the best on the market. Pure yolks eggs is the only certified organic egg brand in India. Pure yolks ensures that all of its hens roam outdoors daily on acres of land because any less would hinder hens from exhibiting natural behaviors such as running, foraging, dust-bathing and flying.

Pure yolks understands their customers want food that comes from well-loved and cared-for animals, and are excited to continue meeting this need of our customers while bringing them fresh organic eggs.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer our most premium product to the Indian market. We focused our attention on organic eggs because we felt it was simply uncommon today to see the farmer market quality eggs that the majority of us would recognize for their taste and quality,” said Arjun Gupta, Managing Director of Pure Yolks.

About Pure Yolks:
We are part of the Earth Haat family. Likewise, we birthed out of a demand for clean, real food – the way God really intended for us to eat. We believe it is both our right and responsibility to consume chemical free, naturally laid eggs by chickens who are fed their natural food and are raised humanely in a free & natural environment and make this planet cleaner, safer and more beautiful for our children.

Company Name: Pure Yolks
Address: 213 R.B. Avenue Kolkata-700019, India
Phone: 033-2571-1001
Email: feedback@pureyolks.com
URL: https://www.pureyolks.com/
Pure Yolks
Arjun Gupta
Pure Yolks eggs is the only certified organic egg brand in India.