Guide to Optimizing Procurement Piece-by-Piece

In Building an Effective Procurement Organization, the experts in Procurement Transformation discuss refining the function’s core pillars.

Willow Grove, PA, April 12, 2019 --( Source One’s Spend Management thought leaders offer tips and best practices for transforming Procurement in their latest whitepaper series: Building an Effective Procurement Organization. The five-part guide examines each of Procurement’s pillars in detail and offers strategies informed by Source One’s years of successful client procurement engagements.

Elaborating on the topic explored in Source One’s Procurement Transformation Perspectives series, Building an Effective Procurement Organization aims to help procurement leaders optimize priorities, align resources, and confidently enter the function’s next generation.

The first installment of the series will focus on Procurement’s People and Organizational Structure.

“Building and maintaining the right team,” says, Source One Director, Jennifer Ulrich, “comes down to far more than hiring and training. These days, managing talent effectively means developing an organization-wide purpose and communicating it consistently. Incoming generations need to know their work has meaning. Part 1 of our new series offer guidelines for introducing this sense of purpose as well as insights on operating models, training programs, and more.”

Additional installments, published on a bi-weekly basis, will address Procurement’s metrics, Processes, Tools, and its Role within the organization. Ulrich adds, “We intend for the series to leave readers feeling empowered. It should guide them in embarking on new initiatives and embracing a spirit of continuous improvement.”

For more thought leadership, Supply Chain professionals are encouraged to visit Source One’s blog: The Strategic Sourceror. In addition to updates on Building an Effective Procurement Organization, the blog will feature news, category insights, and Procurement practices over the next several months.
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