"GEMS" Will Now be Known as "JUNO Campus" in Its New Avatar

Governing Education Management System, an ERP system popularly known as "GEMS" in academic circles will be now be known as "JUNO Campus" in its new avatar. The decision to affect this name change was taken to bring the name of the most popular ERP system being used by education institutions, more in line with the name of the company.

Pune, India, April 16, 2019 --(PR.com)-- The new "JUNO Campus" comes packed with some extremely powerful features that students, faculty and management will find very useful.

AI-Powered Automation System:
JUNO Campus comes powered with extensive "Artificial Intelligence" capabilities completely unheard of in ERPs for education institutions. The Voice Assistant, which can be activated by saying "Hello JUNO," makes pulling inbuilt reports, scheduling periodic reports, generating custom data/reports, scheduling routine jobs and many other tasks literally a child’s play. Voice Assistant can help management, administrators and faculty save a lot of time while making effective usage of the system.

Chatbots, armed with the power of advance AI algorithm, can help both prospective students and current students get smart, relevant answers to their queries. This will lead to significant reduction in manpower requirement and increased admission conversion rate.

JUNO Campus is making automation of education institutions smarter by implementing cutting edge AI technologies in almost every aspect of automation. Be it smart timetables aimed at increasing class attendance, effective usage of infrastructure, measuring the effective of a particular lecture by analysing the sentiments of students captured through various means, effective utilization of library books and other resources or optimizing procurement process by reducing time and expenses, JUNO Campus is taking usage of AI in automation to a new level altogether.

JUNO Campus looks to extensively use its Artificial Intelligence Engine to help institutions offer differentiated and individualized learning by providing content, testing and feedback to students. It will help drive significant efficiency, personalisation and streamlining of admin tasks to allow teachers and administrators get most of their work optimized and automated.

Deep Integration with Office 365, Skype & other Microsoft Tools:
Increasing its collaboration with Microsoft, JUNO Campus is now deeply integrated with several Microsoft tools. With Active Directory and Office 365 integration, users can use one set of login/password to access their emails, files and JUNO Campus. All engagements generated in JUNO Campus immediately reflects in calendar and vice-versa. Content/file creation, sharing and usage along with appropriate access control has become simpler than ever.

Admin, faculty & students can use "JUNO Campus – Skype" integration to live stream lectures, start audio/video conferencing and collaborate with each other on click of a few buttons. One Drive & SharePoint integrations provide easy file management and tracking facility.

“JUNO Campus inherits all strengths of ‘GEMS’ in end-to-end automation along with extremely high level of configurability, often leading to 1-2 month implementation cycle,” said Amod Singh, Director, JUNO Software Systems. All data/reports required for various regulatory & compliance bodies continues to be readily available. Pulling in-built and custom data/reports will also be as simple as ever.

Logo and wordmark of "GEMS" will be swiftly replaced with "JUNO Campus" at all existing implementations. All new implementations will be carried out in the name of "JUNO Campus." Trademark registration for "JUNO Campus" has already been initiated and the same is pending approval with Office of Registrar of Trademarks.

About JUNO Software Systems:
JUNO Software Systems is an IT company specializing in software product development and technology services for Education sector. JUNO is a market leader in development, implementation, maintenance and support of University/College Management System in India with 200+ successful implementations in Higher Education Institutions in last 5 years alone. Our flagship product, JUNO Campus is an AI-powered, fully integrated, end-to-end automation system developed specifically for education institutions.
JUNO Software Systems Private Limited
Amod Singh