Participants of Prosperity Challenge See Results

Irving, TX, April 14, 2019 --( Succeed On Purpose launched the Prosperity Challenge in the fall of 2018. The goal of the Prosperity Challenge is to teach participants a methodology to attract abundance through online training and bi-weekly small group coaching.

Students set short and long-term goals and learn how to manage expectations and results. While students can access the program anytime through the online portal, they come together virtually every other week as part of a small coaching group facilitated by course author and developer – Terri Maxwell. Participants share insights and success stories as well as blocks and obstacles holding them back. Maxwell guides each student through their first 100 days as they learn how to manifest consistently.

Students of the Prosperity Challenge are seeing results. One such example is Elizabeth Eiss, CEO of ResultsResourcing. Eiss had previously taken the Authentic Demand Generation and Business Launch courses with Succeed On Purpose. She then became a student in the first class to complete the Prosperity Challenge.

During the 100-days of the Prosperity Challenge, Eiss was able to increase her business’s revenue by 261% year over year for the same time period. She now has an ongoing process to gauge and set expectations for the next 100 days, one year and two years out.

Eiss stated, "I learned valuable principles, methods and mechanics to support the growth of my business in the Business Launch and Authentic Demand Generation courses. Taking the Prosperity Challenge in the Accelerating Abundance Program allowed me to take a step back from strategy and tactics and determine how to take it to another level. It’s not just about the how or implementing faster. For me, the Prosperity Challenge was about finding the source of my personal energy to create the state of abundance I want/expect for my life and my business.

"This state of mind and being throws off positive energy and, as a result, more positive things happen, and it keeps accelerating. It’s the Law of Attraction. If you are that person, you attract other people who need what you can deliver or would be complementary to what you’re doing. It’s a compelling and exciting cycle of being and doing."

Succeed On Purpose’s Prosperity Challenge has classes kicking off monthly.

About Succeed On Purpose:
Founded in 2009 by Terri Maxwell, Succeed on Purpose™ is a personal and professional development company focused on transformation. Through their powerful programs and coaching, they work with individuals on finding more meaning and success, whether that be in their business, career, or life.
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