TEYXO Launches "Your Body is Right" Worldwide Campaign

The "Your Body is Right" campaign is a worldwide call to action to stop bullying and body shaming, educating children that a healthy body is important but not go to extremes. It is a reminder that no matter our nationality, color, religion, size, age or any other difference, humans want the same things, they have the same wishes and desires and we shouldn't build such a strong barrier between us, especially now when we are linked more than ever.

New York, NY, April 17, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Started by Lara Popa, the designer behind the international fashion brand TEYXO, this movement is a worldwide call to action to both men and women. The goal of this campaign is to bring people closer all over the world, in a time where this is needed more than ever.

Having met and worked with more than 10,000 people with TEYXO in the last 5 years from more than 80 countries, Lara realized that everyone has the same wishes, same fears and desires and the appearance is not so important. With the rise of the internet, bullying has become more aggressive too in schools but not only. Many people spread mean comments and hate speeches that may deeply wound many young people. Furthermore, the obsession with the body ideal in the last years has also gone too far and thus TEYXO has started another fashion and body revolution - a revolution of love, empathy and acceptance.

"Your body is right" is also meant to document stories all over the world from people who have experienced bullying in the past or body shaming and people who have learned to love their body and reinvent themselves. We seek nowadays things that can inspire us and give us that secret engine to move forward and create more, bring greatness into the world and this campaign is meant to support all this.

TEYXO is an independent brand, based in European Union, creating edgy and playful clothing for women. Since 2014, Teyxo has offered a wide variety of products from asymmetric dresses, tunics and coats to plus size pants, vests and tops. Mixing outstanding designs with quality fabrics, they create a wide range of colours and cuts. The fun and playful designs achieve the perfect union of elegance, freedom, comfort and beauty.

In May 2018, the brand has launched TEYXO STYLE: a lifestyle magazine & hub with daily inspiration in fashion, travels, culture, food and inspirational and motivational stories about brave people all over the world.
Lara Popa