100,000+ Replications – RAMPF Polyurethane Board for Foundry Modeling

RAKU® TOOL WB-1258 with outstanding abrasion resistance introduced to US market.

Wixom, MI, April 25, 2019 --(PR.com)-- With its highly abrasion-resistant RAKU® TOOL WB-1258 foundry board, RAMPF Group, Inc. is offering a competitive alternative to face cast pattern plates and metals for a wide range of foundry modeling applications. The polyurethane board will officially be presented at CastExpo 2019 from April 27 - 30 in Atlanta, GA – Booth 845.

Thanks to its exceptional abrasion resistance, more than 100,000 replications can be produced with the polyurethane board RAKU® TOOL WB-1258. This was previously possible using either liquid systems with complex manufacturing processes with higher costs or high-priced metals like aluminum.

With RAMPF’s cutting-edge foundry board material, core boxes and pattern plates are manufactured that facilitate the quick and easy production of models with outstanding abrasion resistance, dimensional stability and accuracy.

The core box/pattern plate is directly milled using CAD data, which also ensures the high precision of the models. The dimensionally stable polyurethane board is easy to process and changes can be easily made.

RAKU® TOOL WB-1258 also exhibits minimal sand adhesion, high chemical resistance, and virtually no swelling. Milling tools made from this board have significantly longer service life. Color-matched adhesives are available.

RAKU® TOOL for the Foundry Industry

At CastExpo 2019, RAMPF will also be featuring two molds that were manufactured from the modeling board RAKU® TOOL MB-0600 and the working board RAKU® TOOL WB-0801:

> The polyurethane board RAKU® TOOL MB-0600 exhibits a superior surface structure, good di-mensional stability, and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Applications in the foundry industry include patterns.

> The polyurethane board RAKU® TOOL WB-0801 exhibits a superior surface structure, high heat deflection temperature with very low coefficient of thermal expansion, superb dimensional stability as well as good compressive and flexural strength. Applications in the foundry industry include patterns, core boxes, jigs and fixtures.

In addition to its wide range of boards, RAMPF offers customers in the foundry industry high-performance polyurethane, epoxy, and polyurea casting resins, epoxy and polyurea gelcoats, multipurpose resins, and laminating pastes.
Benjamin Schicker