Recruitment Video Management System - New Product Introduction - Amplify VMS

Recruiting Video Management is simplified with AmplifyVMS. This new platform allows enterprises to create, share, distribute, and catalogue recruitment videos from multiple sources and make them easily accessible to recruiters, and recruitment marketing teams. By facilitating the native uploading of video to social media platforms, employers see dramatically increased exposure for their content. Amplify VMS, created by SparcStart, the recruitment marketing and video job description platform.

New York, NY, April 29, 2019 --( SparcStart announced the launch of Amplify VMS, a cloud platform that simplifies the creation, sharing, distribution and cataloguing of all recruitment videos.

Amplify VMS (Video Management System) organizes and indexes videos, makes them accessible to the entire recruiting team, facilitates social sharing as native content and simplifies the recording of employee generated video with templates for Employee Testimonials, Q&A videos, Day in the Life videos and other special efforts.

“Most Talent Acquisition teams understand the persuasive power of video but struggle to generate visibility. Often, an Employer Brand team is the sole repository for videos,” commented Maury Hanigan, CEO of SparcStart. “By making them accessible, searchable and shareable by the entire recruiting team, the return on investment skyrockets.”

Designed with extensive research from existing clients and many of the industry’s most sophisticated video users, Amplify VMS fills a gap in enterprise tools. “I’ve been looking for an easy to use and affordable system,” commented Jason Crowell, Recruiting and Retention Manager at Brady Trucking, “but none of them meet the needs of recruiting. This product is incredible.”

Most organizations have videos produced by multiple groups, including Corporate Marketing, independent production companies, phone apps and in-house employee generated. Hanigan added, “Amplify VMS accommodates all of them and ensures that they are all easily accessible and immediately sharable.”

Amplify VMS requires a company Approver for all videos added to the platform ensuring brand-appropriate and brand-approved videos. With this subscription-based service, users can upload and create an unlimited number of videos and provide access to an unlimited number of recruiters for a low monthly price.

About SparcStart
SparcStart is the recruitment marketing platform that creates engaging content that differentiates jobs, adds a human connection and makes the jobs sharable and visible. Sparcs transform job postings into video-powered and branded job profiles that attract candidates and build visibility through social media.

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