Sweet Chickpeas...Chokkles is Launching

Sweet Dessert Hummus; Spread it, dip it, or eat is straight from the jar. Welcome to the world of Chokkles. With years of experience in the food sector, both in Australia and Internationally...Founder Rachel is introducing Chokkles Australia wide. 5% of the campaign and profits go to Animals Australia.

Tasmania, Australia, May 03, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Chokkles Sweet Dessert Hummus is Crowdfunding for launch.

Introducing Chokkles, a brand new category of hummus to Australia - Sweet Dessert Hummus Dip and Spread.

Chokkles Dessert Hummus adds a whole new dimension to healthy snacking.

Easily spreadable on bread, rice cakes, it can also be used as a base for sweet desserts, or just eat it straight from the jar.

Step outside conventional savoury hummus, excite and delight your tastebuds, come and explore Chokkles' range of Dessert Hummus flavours:

- Tantalizing Chocolate
- Zesty Chocolate Orange
- Moreish Mocha

Made predominately from Australian organic ingredients means Chokkles Sweet Dessert Hummus is proudly:

- 100% Vegan
- Dairy Free
- Soy Free
- Gluten Free
- High in Dietary Fibre
- No added refined sugars (only date syrup to sweeten)
- Animal Cruelty Free
- Palm Oil Free

Chokkles has been crafting, refining and tasting for the past 12 months and here’s what some of their early taste testers, now devotees have to say about Chokkles’ tantalising flavours:

"Chokkles is delicious put it on crackers, carrot sticks, bread and in my porridge. It’s thick, creamy and sweet, but not too sweet...if you know what I mean! I love that it's made of wholesome, plant-based ingredients, totally guilt free way to indulge." - Devoted Chokkles Lover, Lucy 2019

"The chocolate one is amazing, tastes like the best chocolate brownie I have ever had. I ate it without anything, but I am sure I would definitely put that in my yoghurt....yum...healthy breakfast." - Kirsty 2019


The range comes to your table in 100% environmentally friendly packaging.

As active supporters of animal rights, 5% of all profits (including 5% of their current crowdfunding campaign) will be donated to Chokkles friends at the Animals Australia Organisation https://www.animalsaustralia.org/about/.

To become part of the Chokkles Sweet Dessert hummus revolution go to https://www.pozible.com/project/chokkles

With 25+ years experience in the food sector, on a local and international scale, Chokkles founder Rachel is now ready to introduce Sweet Dessert Hummus to Australia.

Having founded the successful start-up Crackpots - enjoying success selling a small food range...including pork scratchings - founder Rachel was adopted in 2017 by a small rabbit called "Bunny" (very imaginative name, the Chokkles team is well aware).

"Bunny changed my life...she is such an intelligent girl, she has opened my eyes to things I had never considered before, including the benefits Veganism and then I vowed to myself that I would not use any products that are a result of testing on animals," says Rachel.

She closed Crackpots to open Chokkles, a whole vegan business.

For further information please contact: Rachel (Founder of Chokkles)

Crowdfunding Campaign: https://www.pozible.com/project/chokkles

Website: https://crackpotsfoodco.wixsite.com/chokkles

Email: crackpotsfoodco@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/chokkles

Ph: 0459 465 854
Rachel Tulloch
FB @chokkles
IG: @chokkles