A New Zoho Application is Launched – Hub Zoho Marketing Hub is Accessible to Australian Businesses Through VMA

Gold Coast, Australia, May 22, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Visual Marketing Australia is pleased to announce that the newly-launched Zoho application, Zoho Marketing Hub, is available to Australian organisations immediately after being released on the global market. The Zoho New Application Marketing Hub is a comprehensive marketing automation piece of software that enables users to manage their marketing activities across multiple channels. Benefits of using Zoho Marketing Hub include generating more leads, converting them to customers, and retaining them longer.

“A large number of customers have asked for help with integrating Zoho CRM into their businesses in the last year as part of their strategy to provide high-level personalised customer service. These businesses were also looking for effective ways to attract, retain, and manage customers and to handle contact management, sales management, and purchase control,” said John Bond, CEO of Visual Marketing Australia.

The Zoho New Application Marketing Hub is ready to provide to businesses from Australia and all over the world features such as complete lead management, web behaviour marketing, marketing planner with ROI, multichannel marketing, insightful reports, and tools for creating unique lead-to-customers journeys.

The new Zoho CRM application will also be very useful to those who find the process of qualifying a lead rather difficult. “Many businesses lose potential customers because they fail to determine which prospects have the potential of becoming customers and which represent a waste of time. It’s a common issue for many of our customers too, and we have always been asked to assist with lead qualification. Things are easier now with the Zoho New Application Marketing Hub as users can understand how leads progress through the conversion funnel with the help of lead stages,” revealed Candice Simpson, Marketing Manager at VMA. She will be instructing VMA clients that opt for Zoho CRM on how to classify their leads into different stages based on their information and engagement, and move them to the stages where they meet criteria. This feature and the others that Zoho CRM users will soon discover are part of the strategy of providing marketing automation software that delivers results.
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