Learn Spanish by Phone – a Pioneering New Service from SpanishPod

SpanishPod has launched the Practice Plan, which connects students and professional Spanish teachers by phone at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Shanghai, China, April 02, 2008 --(PR.com)-- From today, people will be able to practice their Spanish with a native Spanish teacher at anytime and anywhere thanks to a revolutionary new service available through SpanishPod.com. One-to-one phone lessons customized to the needs of each individual integrated with an online syllabus will provide students with relevant conversation practice and personalized study material on a daily basis making learning languages the most accessible and efficient it has ever been.

Following on from the success of ChinesePod's phone lessons, the Practice Plan for Spanish has been introduced to add the element of real conversation to the current study materials available online at SpanishPod.com. "The study resources available on SpanishPod have greatly helped me improve my Spanish, however, the addition of a customized study plan and the daily conversation interaction with a native speaker has really brought my Spanish up another level" said stock trader, Paul Clinton, from Ireland.

Phone classes will be conducted on a daily basis for 10 minutes at a time. This suits the lifestyles of busy professionals who lack sufficient time to study; travelers who want to take their learning to-go; or students who simply don't have access to native Spanish teachers. Practice Plan students can talk with a professional teacher, who will create a customized study plan following a free needs analysis and language assessment, when they wish and on the topics they prefer. Additional support will also be provided by the teacher within a private online platform. SpanishPod co-host, Liliana Mata, says the new Practice Plan will "provide a way for people to learn Spanish in a convenient, flexible, but equally structured and effective way."

In order to fit into people's busy schedules in the modern world, SpanishPod limits classes to 10 minute lessons whereas discipline and motivation are maintained through the daily call routine. Unlike traditional classes that depend on presence in a classroom, SpanishPod's lessons take place by phone or Skype, allowing people to interact with teachers, even if they want to study at one o'clock in the morning from their home. J.P Villanueva, SpanishPod's Product Manager, emphasized the importance of regular learning, stating that "language needs to be practiced in regular intervals to stick in a person's mind. With the Practice Plan, you're in Spanish class everyday, without having to go to a physical classroom."

"SpanishPod is a wonderful language-acquisition program integrating learning techniques and practical knowledge," said teacher, Matthew Weathers, from the United States. "The lessons are creative and exciting, yet diverse and educational."

The SpanishPod Practice Plan lessons are accessible to anyone with a phone or internet connection.

About SpanishPod:
Launched in 2007, SpanishPod is Praxis Language's second venture into a foreign language after ChinesePod. SpanishPod takes advantage of the power of Web 2.0 and modern technologies to provide quality Spanish language training to people worldwide. SpanishPod now has over 19,000 users from 145 countries, and currently 100 lessons, with new lessons published every day.

About Praxis Language:
Praxis Language crafts integrated language learning programs around the needs of students when, where, and how they prefer to study. Praxis Language believes that learner-centric technologies combined with a strong pedagogical foundation will define how people learn in the Information Age. With the huge popularity of its ChinesePod and SpanishPod brands, Praxis Language has demonstrated its global leadership in language learning in the Web 2.0 era.

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