USafricare Embarks on a New HIV Initiative Targeting the Endangered Sub-Sahara Region of Africa

USafricare is embarking on an ambitious and broad public campaign strategy to educate and help to reduce the pandemic spread of HIV in sub-Sahara region of Africa, including, Nigeria, Niger, Cameroun and Togo. This 4-point campaign strategy aims at engaging the youth and collaborating with government bodies to provide all the vital information on the transmission and prevention of HIV. The youth within the ages of 15-25 will be the main target, given the high prevalence of the virus within this demographic.

Washington, DC, April 02, 2008 --( Most recent center for disease control (CDC) data show that approximately 10% of the world population lives in sub-Saharan Africa, but the region accounts for approximately 64% of the world population living with HIV. South Africa and Nigeria currently account for the largest HIV population in Africa, where it is a pandemic. USAID reports also show that there are approximately 12.0 million AIDS orphans living in sub-Saharan Africa out of the 15 millions AIDS orphans worldwide and several more children are projected to become orphaned by the AIDS pandemic in Africa. This dangerous trend calls for serious counter measures to impede it.

USafricare is currently soliciting for government support in these regions to help bring awareness and help encourage safer sexual behavior amongst youth in these regions, while making information and testing more available and accessible to individuals.

This project will be a new blueprint on the fight against AIDS and will effectively reduce the spread of the HIV virus by 50% within its first year of implementation.

"2 of every 10 adults are HIV positive in Lagos and we can not afford to sit tight and let this pandemic destroy the fabric of our society," said Ugochukwu Collins (PhD), chair of USafricare.

The objective of this initiative is to educate individuals and form alliances with government bodies in the region to be more proactive in the fight against HIV/AIDS and to add HIV education in school curriculums.

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