15Be Launches WELLTEAM™ Certification - First of Its Kind Leadership Certification Shows Professionals How to Build Team Wellbeing Competencies

Park Ridge, IL, June 13, 2019 --(PR.com)-- 15Be, Inc. today announced the launch of the WELLTEAM Leadership™ Certification, a learning experience that ensures leaders have the tools they need to support employee engagement and resilience.

Built on 15Be’s empirically-validated team wellbeing model, WELLTEAM™ certification training helps develop leadership skills around how to manage employees and foster wellbeing. Learning focuses on improving team outcomes for ambition, engagement, belonging, performance, and turnover intent.

“When you earn WELLTEAM certification, you gain a mark of distinction that signals your commitment to improving how people work,” said Kyra Cavanaugh, president of 15Be. “If you want to make a real difference in someone’s wellbeing, you need to foster a healthy team environment where people feel supported and enabled to bring their best to work. WELLTEAM certification helps you unlock that potential.”

Certification will be awarded to participants who complete online training; a one-to-one coaching engagement; and an intensive, in-person, three-day Be Camp experience. As a follow-up, participants will have access to a private online community, monthly webinars, and ongoing access to a library of bonus learning videos.

The newly developed WELLTEAM certification trains leaders on four key leadership behaviors: creating safety, managing energy, promoting mastery, and optimizing performance. Attaining the WELLTEAM certification demonstrates a level of skill and emotional intelligence in fostering positive team cultures.

“Offering individual wellbeing activities at work is not enough to improve overall wellbeing when an employee’s workplace is unrelentingly stressful. Manager practices, at the team level, are the pivot points that allow employees to effectively take control of their health in a comprehensive way,” said Cavanaugh. “WELLTEAM certification guides team leaders to actions that help them manage group wellbeing so they can deliver on team objectives in a sustainable way.”

15Be’s research demonstrates that team culture is linked to individual wellbeing. For example, their research-backed team wellbeing model identifies that employee wellbeing is linked to team dynamics around mission, resources, management, and inclusion.

Analysis reveals that about 50% of employees on teams with high wellbeing reported high levels of engagement, belonging, and ambition, whereas low team wellbeing correlated with depressed scores for these same measures, specifically: engagement (2%), belonging (6%), and ambition (13%).

About 15Be, Inc.

15Be is a learning experiences company that helps employers improve workplace, team, and individual wellbeing through workshops, team retreats, and WELLTEAM Leadership Certification. 15Be has a wealth of experience in talent best practices, including team wellbeing, flexible work, and change management. Their proven track record includes projects for nearly 20% of the Working Mother "Best" list. For more information, please visit 15Be.com.
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